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MasterMIN™ Fish

MasterMINTM for Aqua Culture

Balanced Mineral Mix for shrimps and fishes

A mineral product designed explicitly for shrimp and fish ponds, MasterMIN™, a Kemin AquaScience™ brand, contains an optimal mix of soluble and bioavailable macro minerals and trace minerals to meet the mineral requirements of aquaculture farms and improve yield. 

MasterMIN™ Aqua

A Unique combination of macro minerals (Ca, Mg, P, K, and Na) and trace minerals (Zn, Cu, Mn, Co, and Fe) for low and high saline culture water: MasterMIN™ Aqua is a balanced mineral mix for Shrimp culture systems.

MasterMIN™ Aqua contains a balanced proportion of the following essential minerals to promote the growth of shrimps:

  • Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium (Ca, Mg, and K) improve the survival rate of shrimps in aquaculture farms
  • Potassium (K) plays a significant role in shrimp ponds where the salinity level is low
  • Calcium and Magnesium supplies the necessary mineral for exoskeleton formation of shrimp and support complete moulting process.
  • Trace Minerals functionally support hormone, enzyme, and cell metabolic activities. Supplementary of trace mineral can support shrimp performance, promote growth and improve overall productivity. 

MasterMINTM Fish Features

  • The mixture of optimal blend of essential macro and trace minerals brings the necessary and required amount of minerals to the fish aquaculture systems
  • Contains highly soluble as well as bioavailable minerals 

MasterMINTM Fish Benefits

  • Helps aquaculture farmers meet the mineral requirement of fishponds
  • Offers the necessary supplements of minerals required for muscle and skeletal growth of fish
  • Enhances feed utilization efficiency of the fishes in the farm and boosts the overall harvest of the culture
  • Enables the achievement of optimal plankton balance required to boost the performance of the fish in ponds
  • Improve fish growth and ROI (return on investment) for farmers 

Use Cases of MasterMINTM Fish

  • It is necessary to maintain a healthy fish population in the pond. Rich in essential minerals MasterMIN™ Fish keeps the fish's performance and health in the pond at optimal levels.
  • Often, deficiency of minerals in the fish aquaculture leads to low growth and fish performance MasterMIN™ Fish provides a much-needed boost to the health of the fish by fulfilling their mineral requirement.
  • Essential minerals are vital to keeping the metabolism and increasing the fish's survival rate MasterMIN™ Fish is loaded with the right macro and trace minerals to improve feed efficiency and weight gain.


All life is interconnected.

Kemin AquaScience™ is working towards meeting the needs of the present without compromising opportunities for the future. As we strive to live in a sustainable life and balance the need to cultivate animal and aquatic products at scale. We rely on our research to develop core molecules that help achieve the balance. By infusing our proprietary formulations, farmers can improve the quality and yield of aquaculture farms to achieve a higher ROI. What's more, we deliver our products along with all essential services – engineering application, laboratory testing, and onsite technical support.

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