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Healthy Hepatopancreas, Healthy Shrimp, Higher Productivity

Kemin AquascienceTM is working towards transforming the aquaculture space sustainably. 

Introducing PathorolTM - A Multifunctional phytogenic-based feed additive to maintain a robust digestive system and hepatopancreatic health in shrimp.

PathorolTM, a phytogenic based shrimp feed supplementation product maintains a healthy digestive system and improves the health of the hepatopancreas, a vital organ of the digestive tract involved in the absorption and storage of nutrients in the farmed shrimp.


Maintains healthy hepatopancreas and improves growth performance.

Pathorol is a unique blend of phytogenic compounds that has been shown to protect the hepatopancreas, enhance performance and productivity for pond-raised shrimp. By adding Pathorol to shrimp feed, producers can improve hepatopancreatic health, growth performance and reduce size variability.  Pathorolis a patent pending technology.

  •    Promotes hepatopancreatic health in shrimp
  •    Reduces size variation in shrimps
  •    Enhance growth performance, feed efficiency and productivity

To learn more about Kemin AquaScience™’s Pathorol solution to support healthy hepatopancreas and digestive system in farmed shrimp, consult your local Kemin AquaScience™ technical expert and one of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

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