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How InnoBLQ™ Can Change The Fried Food Category For The Better

Posted January 03, 2024

The latest technology from Kemin, InnoBLQ™ functional proteins is changing fried food for the better! Many consumers love fried foods—but only when they’re crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Plus, more and more consumers demand clean labels with ingredients they recognize. With InnoBLQ, your battered, breaded and fried foods can meet consumers’ demands while easing production difficulties.


Tackle Fried Foods' Top Challenges

Common challenges formulators face when creating crispy, delicious fried products include:

  • Oil Uptake Impacting Usage
  • Flavor & Texture
  • Breading Adhesion

With InnoBLQ, you can address these challenges—all with a clean label.


Oil Uptake Impacting Usage

InnoBLQ reduces oil uptake, which provides a less greasy mouthfeel and can have a reduction in added fat by up to 34%.1

Flavor & Texture

Reduced oil usage with InnoBLQ allows for crispier fried coating and increased internal moisture for a pleasant eating experience.

Breading Adhesion

InnoBLQ provides a microbarrier around the product, leading to better breading adhesion, which helps improve manufacturing and processing operations.

How Does InnoBLQ Work?

InnoBLQ helps you create crispy, fried, golden goodness when topically applied to battered or breaded foods immediately before submersion in frying oil. The innovative InnoBLQ functional protein ingredient creates a microbarrier on the surface of fried food, allowing in just the right amount of fry oil to create a crispy outside and juicy inside—with less added fat to the final product.

Typical Applications Include:

Appeal to Consumers' Desire for Quality Fried Foods at Home

Cost-conscious consumers face many challenges today such as inflation, rising grocery prices and increasing transportation costs. These factors are leading to consumers eating at home with greater frequency. Brands have the opportunity to shine and pull in consumers if they can deliver crave-worthy fried foods at home that are budget-friendly. InnoBLQ can help your brand succeed by improving yield and overall operating efficiency—all while reducing input costs.

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1. InnoBLQ™ V For Fat Reduction in Fried Appetizers (TL-23-21415).