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Transforming People and the Planet at Kemin Crop Technologies

Posted July 19, 2021 by By Tatiana Giacinti, Product Manager

With the increase in the world’s population, many farmers are making serious sustainability goals for the future. At Kemin Crop Technologies, the division of Kemin Industries dedicated to serving growers of specialty crops with agricultural crop inputs, we want to partner with these growers to reach their goals and transform the world. Kemin Industries’ goal is to sustainably transform the quality of life for 80% of the world every day, and Kemin Crop Technologies contributes to this vision.

But how?

What does it mean to transform 80% of the world?

For Kemin, to transform 80% of the world’s population, people must come into contact with Kemin products five times each day. Kemin ingredients impact the food we eat, our pet’s health, the clothes we wear, or the supplements we take. Kemin is dedicated to fostering healthy people, a healthy planet, and a healthy business.

Therefore, with the estimated global population expected to reach 9 billion people by 2050, Kemin Crop Technologies is dedicated to ensuring future generations have access to a healthy, sustainable food supply. Kemin Crop Technologies products transform lives by providing the agricultural industry with environmentally friendly, sustainable crop protection and soil health technologies solutions rooted in science and driven by demand. Whether you grow apples, strawberries, oranges, lettuce, hops, or another specialty crop, our botanical oil-based biopesticides can aid growers in reaching their sustainability goals.

Let’s use a strawberry grower as an example. The strawberry grower uses a Kemin Crop Technologies biopesticide to protect their crops against damaging pests throughout the growing season. The grower has a bountiful harvest of strawberries, and they sell their healthy berries at a local grocery store. The customers who buy the fresh berries from that particular strawberry grower have access to a safe, healthy fruit that was protected by our biopesticide products. That is our impact. For every one gallon of Kemin Crop Technologies product that was applied to the strawberry grower’s field, we are transforming 5 consumer lives!

How does Kemin’s goal help farmers reach their sustainability goals?

By partnering with Kemin Crop Technologies, growers are supporting healthy crops, healthy workers, healthy customers, and a healthy earth.

Healthy Crops

Our sustainable crop protection solutions provide growers with an effective alternative to conventional chemistries. Botanical oils have multiple modes of action in their active ingredients, so the likelihood of pesticide resistance is minimized. Botanical oil-based pesticides have been shown to work as well or even better than conventional chemistries. Although botanicals are not exclusively for organic operations, many growers are seeking organic farming pesticides. Many of our biopesticides are OMRI certified or certified for organic operations.

Botanical biopesticides also tend to have fewer restrictions on the number of applications per growing season, allowing growers more opportunities to protect their crops. And botanical insecticides mix well with many other crop protection products, providing farmers with more options in their integrated pest management program.

Healthy Employees

Crop health is not the only concern of specialty crop growers. Farm workers' health is a crucial concern of growers. 25(b) exempt products require minimal PPE and have a short or 0-hour re-entry interval. Meaning you can get back in the field faster after application. All of which creates a safe working environment for farm employees.

Healthy Customers

Market demand is uniquely affected by consumer preferences. Customers want to be assured that their food is safe for their health and the environment. Many biologicals are MRL exempt, meaning there are no residue limits on fresh and processed foods. Biopesticides also can have low or 0-hour pre-harvest intervals, allowing growers to apply when they need it most without risking the well-being of the end consumer.

Healthy Earth

Arguably the most essential aspect of sustainable crop protection is environmental health. Botanical oils can have a very targeted application that has little or no effect on non-target species. This protects important beneficial species like bees. Biopesticides can also be more sustainable and less harmful to our planet since they do not persist after the application.

Kemin Crop Technologies offers growers sustainable crop protection and soil health tools to reach their goals.


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