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Kemin's Nutritional Carotenoid Portfolio

As a steadfast partner to supplement manufacturers, explore our distinguished nutritional carotenoid portfolio sourced from marigold flowers, supported by a commitment to science, safety, quality, sustainability, and community development.

Farming for the Future: A Sustainable Legacy

It all starts with the crop. Developed through our world class breeding program, our patented marigold flowers produce higher amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin, setting the standard for quality and efficacy. Our commitment to non-GMO practices and a resilient supply chain not only secures financial income for our farmers but also fosters sustainability against climate change. With our Farmers First Program, we empower 2,000 farmers with sustainable farming practices, including 50% women, ensuring a thriving agricultural community.

Our annual flower production extends to over 15,000 acres and supports over 18,000 families; directly improving the quality of life by expanding educational opportunities. We are extending our global footprint by implementing a “Multiple Continent Program” that will allow us to have dual seasonality and harvest 3 time a year and extend our social impact into other continents.

FloraGLO® Lutein: A Visionary Multifunctional Ingredient

Derived from our World Class Breeding Program, FloraGLO Lutein, the most human clinically studied lutein, is a multifaceted ingredient clinically proven to support vision, cognition, and skin health.

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ZeaONE™/OPTISHARP® Natural Zeaxanthin

ZeaONE/OPTISHARP Natural Zeaxanthin, the most human clinically studied zeaxanthin, is a potent carotenoid supporting vision quality and visual performance, complements our carotenoid portfolio, delivering a holistic solution for eye health.

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Macu-LZ™: The Perfect Synergy for Comprehensive Health Support

Experience the perfect synergy with Macu-LZ, a three-carotenoid solution providing antioxidant benefits for eye, skin, mood, and sleep health. 

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Macu-LE™: High Quality Lutein Ester Ingredient

Naturally occurring lutein esters from marigold flowers for eye health support.

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Elevate Your Formulations with Kemin's Carotenoid Expertise

As pioneers in carotenoid research and development, Kemin is not just about ingredients; it's about a sustainable, community-focused journey. By choosing Kemin, supplement manufacturers gain access to an integrated approach that ensures quality, supports farmers, and extends the benefits of our carotenoid portfolio worldwide. Explore the possibilities, harness the power of our carotenoid portfolio, and join us on a journey to redefine health and wellness through nature-inspired innovation.

Contact us to discover how Kemin's carotenoid expertise can elevate your formulations and set your products apart in the market.


From Flower to Formulation: Nutritional Carotenoids Sourced from Marigold Flowers

A Sustainable Journey Toward Well-Being: Kemin's Approach to Carotenoid Sustainability

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