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Strategies to Replace Antibiotic Growth Promoters (AGPs)

Posted May 23, 2017

An AGP alternative program requires a holistic approach which involves management procedures including housing, water, feed, and pathogen control in addition to using AGP alternative products. The success relies on the implementation of poultry production fundamentals.


What are these fundamental practices?


  • The importance of an AGP replacement program needs to be communicated to all stakeholders.


  • Prevent the introduction of pathogens into the farm
  • Limit entry of visitors and vehicles
  • Control insects, rodents and entry of wild birds
  • Maintain proper disposal of debris and dead birds

Breeder and Hatchery Management

  • Breeder nutrition and health
  • Remember clean eggs are the key to healthy chicks
  • Maintain optimum temperature, humidity, oxygen and ventilation per standards

Farm Management

  • Adequate downtime
  • House preparation
  • Optimum stocking density
  • Good litter management
  • Optimum temperature, ventilation and humidity
  • Minimize stress

Water Management

  • Water sanitation
  • Treat with an acidifier for optimum pH
  • Check water hardness

Feed Management

  • Raw material quality
  • Precision diet and formulation based on digestible nutrients
  • Feed hygiene

Disease Management

  • Proper sanitation and vaccination program
  • Necrotic Enteritis (NE) and Coccidiosis control
  • Surveillance of overall flock health