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Kemin Liquid Offering for Raw Materials, Forages and Feed Milling

Posted May 23, 2018

As a global leader in animal feed solutions, you know you can count on Kemin for quality feed products. We are happy to strengthen our focus on high-quality liquid feed products among the reliable feed solutions we offer our customers. Our liquid feed solutions allow us to successfully serve multiple segments of the feed production industry, from bundled feed raw materials to feed milling to bundled forage.

Our Kemin SMART™ advisory team will not only provide a reliable feed solution, but we can offer a complete set of services to help you implement that solution, from laboratory testing to product application to technical support.

Feed Segment Offerings from Kemin

You'll find the following feed segment options from Kemin:


1. specSMART™

specSMART is the ideal solution that bundles the offering for feed raw materials to preserve the quality of the oilseeds from crushing plants and retains the quality and nutritional value of cereals and grains.



Grain treatment preserves the grain quality at the time of harvest and maintains it throughout storage, allowing you to present a higher quality grain at market. Preventing mold growth at the source can lead to reduced formation of mycotoxins, better-looking grain and a premium appearance that can help you sell your grain for its true value on the international market. The quality of grain tends to decline as it moves from harvesting through the loading, transporting, distribution and sale process, so treating your grain with protective solutions from the start is critical. 

We will treat your grain with a range of cost-effective mold protection and preservative solutions such as our Myco CURB® and Grain SHIELD® products, which have been rigorously researched and tested to make sure they can provide maximum mold and yeast growth protection for your grain.

As Salmonella continues to be a leading cause of foodborne disease in humans throughout the world and has a significant impact on morbidity, mortality and economic loss, Kemin has developed a reliable solution to help control it. Animals can become infected with Salmonella from contaminated feed and the environment. It is crucial to effectively control Salmonella contamination as early as possible in the feed chain by reducing the contamination of feed raw materials. Processing of oil seeds generates a lot of dust and heat. Dusty, warm, and humid conditions in the extraction plant are very suitable, not only for Salmonella survival, but also for the rapid multiplication of the microorganism.

Our Sal CURB® product, designed to control Salmonella in oil seeds at the extraction plant, is another critical solution for helping protect your consumers from the dangers of the leading cause of foodborne disease in humans in the world.


2. millSMART™

If you are involved in the animal production industry, you know how critical the feed mill is. Finding ways to improve feed mill efficiency, ramping production, ensuring safety and reducing costs are key to a successful agriculturalenterprise in this area.


When it comes to food safety and efficiency in feed milling, you will not find a better solution than Kemin and millSMART.

Our feed processing pre-conditioning program covers all aspects of feed milling, from improving pellet feed quality to making feed safer.

It starts with Opti CURB®, our pre-conditioning solution that is an activated solution of Myco CURB® or Sal CURB® depending on your feed products’ specific needs. They can be applied primarily for mold control or antimicrobial protection respectively. Our application technology combined with the properties of the powerful surfactants in the solution makes sure the product is fully distributed throughout your feedstuff. Through the Opti CURB solution, feed mills will get benefits in the areas of feedstuff optimization, improved pellet quality, reduced energy consumption, increased feed processing productivity and throughput, improved process standardization and feed safety.

The next feature of the millSMART process is LYSOFORTE®, a naturally-derived liquid absorption enhancer we add straight into the oil or fat line as part of the feed production process. We mix LYSORFORTE liquid in with the fats and oil early on in the process to ensures a more homogeneous spread of the product and it enables the lysophospholipids in LYSOFORTE to be directly in contact with the lipids, enhancing its efficacy in the feed. LYSOFORTE liquid, with its unique features, provides a tool to nutritionists to manage variable fat/oil prices by using the product either on top or in re-formulation applications.


3. foragSMART™

Preventing forages and grains from losing quality through all the stages they go through between harvesting and the animal feeder is the constant challenge of those who work in this industry. Loading, storing, transportation, re-storing and processing — these stages all provide more opportunities for the quality of the feed to decline. Our foragSMART products can dramatically reduce losses in quality, quantity and nutrition caused by time and handling.


If you work with hay, you know what a challenging task it can be. Hay can lay in the field for a long time before you get a chance to bale it, and that lost time presents a great opportunity for that hay to decline in quality. You need to beable to bale your hay at moisture levels greater than 15 percent to reduce leaf shatter and curing time and enjoy softer stems and more protein-rich leaves, which improve digestibility.

To get those moisture levels, you need forage treatments that can inhibit microbial growth and deterioration of hay during storage. Kemin and foragSMART have those treatments. Our FRESH CUT® Liquid is a hay preservative to protect your high-moisture level baled hay. It is an organic acid blend with extremely strong surfactants that effectively battles mold strains while buffered to avoid corrosion and protect worker safety.

Our special formulation ensures a more complete distribution of the blend which penetrates deeply into the hay to protect its quality throughout the process of getting your hay to its final destination.

We also have foragSMART solutions for those who are struggling with silage preservation issues when it comes to animal feed. Our Silage SAVOR® liquid uses the power of organic acids like propionic acid to maximize silage preservation and fight mold growth. Silage SAVOR is a premium blend of three such acids, giving you wide-ranging spoilage control and favorable fermentation with a rapid pH drop for silage stability.


Benefits of the SMART Program for Animal Feed Preservation

We recognize that success in the animal feed world relies on great feed and great products for preserving and protecting that feed as well as great support. The benefit of working with Kemin’s liquid programs is that not only do you get rigorously tested, high-quality feed protection and preservation products, but you also get the benefit of the services of the SMART Advisory team. SMART Advisory team services are a full solution package that includes:

1. Application Engineering Technology

We strongly stand by our liquid programs, and, as you can probably imagine, the way for you to get the most out of them is through proper application. That’s why when you order our liquid products, you’ll also get the benefit of our team of highly-qualified engineering experts who will work with you with customized equipment, training and education. We'll make sure your team knows the optimal way to apply these products.

Our top-trained Kemin engineers will help you choose the right application equipment, support field trials with demo equipment, provide you with ideas on application rates, locations and process development, complete a comprehensive site visit, be available to quickly respond to any issues that arise after installation and more.

2. Customer Laboratory Services

In addition, when you use our liquid program, you’ll also have access to our Customer Lab Services (CLS) teams. Our CLS teams have state-of-the-art laboratory equipment that allows us to put our scientific expertise and problem-solving skills to work for you fast. From microbiology-related tests to physical and chemical tests to lab scale simulation trials and many other scientific services, Kemin and CLS will bring you the laboratory support you need to maximize feed benefits.

Services our CLS teams can provide include:

· Product inclusion level and equipment calibration verification

· Ingredient and product troubleshooting

· New ingredient and product development assistance

· Analytical support, applied research and quality control support

· Advanced method development

Having these resources and more at your disposal will give you the peace of mind of knowing that you have all of the resources you require to make sure your feed quality and process is as strong as it can be.

3. Technical Services

Finally, part of the SMART Advisory team that will join forces with your team includes our dedicated technical services team. The technical services team fills any gaps in your feed knowledge or problem-solving resources left by the application or lab teams. Our technical services team supports protocol development and coordination with unmatched knowledge regarding our products and the industry in general. Our technical services team can easily provide you with useful recommendations for elements like product usage and inclusion rates.

Our technical advisors give you information on everything from protocol development and trial coordination to deep technical product knowledge and program information to new data updates, inclusion rate advice, risk assessment and process scale-up testing.

We want your business to be as successful as possible in this industry, so we urge you to take advantages of our SMART Advisory team services whenever possible. Our application engineers and technicians are located throughout the region for your convenience and for quick access to our services whenever you need them.


Revolutionize Your Feed with Kemin Today

Unlike other feed treatment companies, Kemin is a complete solution, with the right products, the right support and the right personnel to make sure your feed is as clean, safe and high-quality as it can be. If the quality of your feed is important to you and if you have challenges with keeping that quality high when storing or transporting feed, you need Kemin.

To find out more about how our services can benefit you, please contact Kemin today.