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Four Ways Kemin AquaKulture Can Support Your Aquaculture Business

Posted April 19, 2018

Meat consumption habits are shifting, and aqua products are becoming increasingly desirable throughout the world. As the demand for aquaculture increases, Kemin AquaKulture is ready to engage in the growing revolution.

With our expertise in inspired molecular solutions, coupled with our consumer insights, we are ready to serve our customers’ aquaculture needs. Here are four ways AquaKulture’s dedicated team and resources can support your aquaculture business*:

1. Protect aqua feed and feed ingredients. Rich in nutrients, aqua feed and feed ingredients invite microbial and oxidative spoilage, which significantly impact cost and quality.

When oxidation occurs, a series of irreversible chemical reactions negatively impact aqua feed quality and an animal’s health and performance. Additionally, aqua feed is highly susceptible to microbial spoilage, including molds and bacteria, because their formulations are rich in proteins and other essential nutrients.

Kemin provides oxidative control and antimicrobials to help overcome these challenges.

Kemin is a pioneer and leader in providing antioxidant solutions to the world, with 50-plus years of experience in providing natural and synthetic antioxidant solutions in human food, pet food and animal feed. 

Using our branded mold inhibitors and antibacterial solutions, Kemin has global experience protecting nutrient-dense aqua feed and raw materials. We offer dry and liquid antimicrobial products with target-specific applications, and support from our highly capable global engineering teams.

2. Improve the digestion of oils and fats in aqua species. Lipids are essential, expensive nutrients in aqua feed that need to be well managed. Kemin has discovered and pioneered the use of a modified lecithin (lysophospholipid) product, which can help aquatic species—especially crustaceans—which have limited capacity to store lipids and a short and inadequate lipid digestion process.

Kemin’s modified lecithin (lysophospholipid) product works during the different stages of lipid digestion to optimize aquatic species’ utilization of dietary fats, resulting in better body weight gain and optimized feed conversion ratio. We also provide exclusive organic mineral supplements and enzymes to help improve digestibility and performance.

3. Enhance the immunity of aqua species and improve survival, resulting in better economic returns. Some aquatic species, such as crustaceans, lack immune organs and require natural solutions to protect them from disease challenges. Kemin offers antibiotic- and residue-free products to help improve aquatic species’ health conditions, which is vital for their survival.

Helping to improve gut health and performance, we provide a gut acidifier made of a synergistic combination of organic acids and essentials oils. Kemin’s proprietary essential oil formulation works against gram-negative bacteria inside the animal gastrointestinal tract.

4. Optimize the growth, performance and survival of aqua species. To overcome farm-health hurdles, Kemin has developed its expertise to provide on-farm solutions based on water, soil and environmental factors. We provide a variety of solutions for better water quality, immunity enhancement, better growth and uniformity.

*Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographic regions. Product labeling and associated claims may differ based upon regulatory requirements.

To learn more about what the products and programs AquaKulture can offer your aquaculture business, contact your Kemin representative, or visit to learn more.