We Are Kemin Interns

Kemin Industries offers rewarding summer internships that include personal and professional development opportunities.  A unique combination of training, projects, social outings and events all contribute to a well-rounded experience.

Check out some of our previous interns and what they have to say about the program!

Kimberly Messmer Intern 2018

Kimberly Messmer.  Drake ‘18

“I like that with each project I am completing, it doesn’t feel like busy work.  I am genuinely contributing efforts and value into the end goal of the department and I can see the impact that it makes.”

Zachary Gordon Intern 2018

Zachary Gordon. Iowa State University ‘20

"The best part about interning at Kemin is all of the knowledge I have gained.  As a mechanical engineering major, sometimes I think just about how to make one specific thing better or more efficient.  Being an operations intern with Kemin has shown me to think about how it affects the whole system."

Peyton Payne Intern 2018

Peyton Payne. Iowa State University ‘20

"The team of people I work with everyday are passionate about their work, readily help me learn scientific concepts, are trustworthy, and so funny.  They give me confidence at work; they have faith in my abilities by encouraging my achievements and guiding me through a few mistakes.  This is a place I am excited to come to every day."

Mary Hill Intern 2018

Mary Hill. Whitman College ‘19

"My favorite aspect of my Kemin internship, other than the great people I work with, has been the exposure to a field that I was initially unfamiliar with.  I feel lucky to have been able to learn so much about Kemin, marketing, and the ingredients industry in such a short amount of time."

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