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August 01,2017

Kemin's Commitment to Science

At Kemin Human Nutrition and Health, our ingredients are based on science.

Before putting an ingredient on the market or making a claim on its effects, we conduct extensive research to ensure that the safety, efficacy and quality of the ingredient meets our long-established high standards. It's our priority to ensure that our customers and consumers have access to the thorough, peer-reviewed science that backs each of our ingredients, so they can rest assured knowing that what they're putting on the shelves - or in their bodies - is safe and fulfills its demonstrated purpose.

It's our goal to make sure millions have access to the reputable research available on our ingredients and on other ingredients that may provide solutions for consumer health. We believe its not only beneficial but crucial to share research throughout the nutraceuticals industry, keeping in mind that we're all working toward the same goal - the betterment of human health around the globe. For this reason, it's imperative for us, our competitors and scholars to remain ever-transparent in research and scientific debate. Without it, we could not continue to innovate, uncover new solutions and move the industry forward.

To learn more about our commitment to science and vision to improve lives around the globe, watch the video below.