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Unlocking the Power of Beta Glucans for Immune Support

Posted January 02, 2024

In this article we'll explore what beta glucans are, the best sources of beta glucans, and their impact on the immune system.

What are Beta Glucans?

First things first, what are beta glucans? Beta glucans are a specific type of molecule made up of glucose, which are essentially sugars bonded together in a distinct pattern. While there are numerous types of glucans found in various plants, beta glucans refer to a particular pattern in which glucose molecules are attached. In the case of the algae beta glucan that Kemin produces, it's known as beta 1,3 glucan, where the glucose molecules are linked together in a pattern resembling a string of pearls.

This specific pattern is crucial because it acts as a signature that enables our immune systems to detect and identify what's happening in our gut or in our environment. In essence, beta glucans serve as a way for the immune system to recognize potential threats, like pathogenic organisms such as bacteria, yeast, and fungi.

How Beta Glucans Support the Immune System

Now, the big question is: How do beta glucans support the immune system? Beta1,3 glucan, the molecule found in Euglena gracilis algae, is also present in the cell walls of potentially harmful organisms. Over time, our immune systems have evolved to recognize this specific beta 1,3 glucan. When the immune system detects it, particularly in the gut, it "wakes up," priming itself to be at a higher stage of alertness against potential threats. In essence, algae beta glucans serve as a way to prepare and activate our immune systems for the daily battle against infections.

It's fascinating how this small molecule can have such a significant impact on our immune health. By consistently introducing algae beta glucans into our diet or through supplements, we're essentially training our immune systems to be alert and ready.

How Beta Glucans Differ from Other Immune Ingredients

As we explore immune support options, you might wonder how beta glucans differ from other popular immune ingredients. Beta glucans, particularly beta 1,3 glucan from Euglena gracilis algae, have a very defined mode of action. Clinical studies back up the effectiveness of this specific beta glucan in priming the immune system. In contrast, ingredients like vitamin C and zinc, often associated with immune health, work differently.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that supports immune cells and is essential for their proper function. Zinc, an essential mineral, is also necessary for immune cells to do their job effectively. While vitamin C and zinc are important for overall health and immune function, a well-balanced diet can often provide sufficient amounts of these nutrients. Beta glucans, on the other hand, have a unique role in priming the immune system, ensuring it's ready to act when needed.

Choosing the Best Source of Beta Glucans

If you're considering incorporating beta glucans into your products, it's crucial to choose the right source. Beta 1,3 glucan from Euglena gracilis algae, as produced by Kemin, is a great source. This clean format doesn't require extensive extraction processes and is recognized by the immune system, providing a consistent response.

Other sources of beta glucans, such as yeast and mushroom beta glucans, also contain beta 1,3 glucan. However, their structure resembles a branching bush due to the presence of 1,6 side branches. While immune cells can still latch onto these patterns, the interaction is different from the straight twig-like structure of algae beta glucans. This structural difference can lead to varying immune responses when compared to the consistent response observed with algae beta glucans.

When you need a precise and reliable immune response, having a consistent and well-defined source of beta glucans is a valuable advantage.

The Role of BetaVia™ in Immune Health

Kemin’s BetaVia™ delivers the distinctive beta 1,3 glucan pattern that effectively primes the immune system for optimal performance. Its clinical substantiation and exceptional quality make it a valuable asset in the realm of immune health and product development.

Final Thoughts

In summary, beta glucans, particularly beta 1,3 glucan, play a pivotal role in immune support. They act as a wake-up call for our immune system, priming it to defend against potential threats. While other nutrients like vitamin C and zinc have their place in supporting immune health, beta glucans offer a unique and defined mode of action, ensuring our immune system is prepared.

If you're interested in learning more about algae beta glucans from BetaVia, we'd love to connect with you. Beta glucans are a powerful tool in the world of immune health, and we're here to help you harness their potential in your products.


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