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Immune Health Solutions

Kemin Human Nutrition & Health specializes in providing functional ingredients sourced from plant-based, natural sources around the world to deliver a wide range of health solutions for your next immune health formulation. Our solutions meet at the intersection of cutting-edge science and nature to elevate and differentiate a variety of dietary nutrition products including functional beverages, food, and supplements. 


Science-Backed Immune Health Ingredients

BetaVia™ is a safe and natural algae fermentate that provides support for overall health and wellness. BetaVia Complete is a dried whole algae fermentate nutritionally rich with a composition of greater than 50% beta 1,3 glucans, protein (>15%), fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and carotenoids.2-6

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European Immune Health Insights

According to a recent survey1, 77% of consumers recognize the connection between their immune system and their overall health. Additionally, 71% of consumers understand the link between their immune system and digestive health. The importance of maintaining a healthy immune system is also widely recognized, with 75% of consumers acknowledging that it reduces the risk of illness. Many consumers, 71%, would like to know more about how to improve the health of their immune system. The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced how consumers view immune health, 71% of respondents stated they are now more attentive to their immune health because of the pandemic. Research also shows that 61% of consumers are interested in nutritional supplements that promote immune health. 66% of European consumers expressed interest in purchasing products that help boost the immune system, even when not suffering from specific health problems. When purchasing immune health products, consumers value benefits to help lead a healthy lifestyle, scientific evidence to support claims, and natural formulations. 

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