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Customer Laboratory Services

When you partner with Kemin Human Nutrition & Health, you gain access to our team of trustworthy science and application experts, along with our extensive regulatory expertise.

We offer our customers—from contract manufacturers to consumer brands—support every step of the way. From initial formulation challenges and product application support to regulatory concerns and marketing considerations, we smooth the way to develop exciting new products across an array of applications.

Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) - Our tailored laboratory services help solve our customers’ challenges to help ensure the success of their products, offering comprehensive analytical support and providing guidance through the complex process of bringing formulations to market.

Tailored Analytical Support for Precision

In the world of vitamin and supplement manufacturing, precision is vital. Our CLS team conducts rigorous tests on ingredients and finished products, ensuring they meet label claims. We collaborate with you during the formulation process, providing insights and testing in-process samples to refine formulations.

Should you desire to transfer our proven analytical methods to your facilities, we're here to offer guidance. Our team can also recommend reputable third-party labs for testing a broad range of active ingredients, guaranteeing the quality and efficacy of your products.

Proactive Stability Data for Confidence in Shelf Life

At Kemin, we believe in staying ahead. We proactively gather stability data on relevant delivery forms, testing prototypes developed internally or in partnership with contract manufacturers. This data not only readies us for potential analytical challenges but also instills confidence in you when designating accurate shelf life for your finished products.

The Impact of Application Research

Our CLS team focuses on comprehending the technical properties of Kemin’s ingredients, spanning solubility, processing stability, and flavor profiles. This research enables us to anticipate challenges and provide solutions for various applications, offering invaluable guidance to our customers.

Our Formulator's Guide highlights our dedication to your success—a comprehensive template based on our research, crafted to assist you during the formulation process. We believe in sharing knowledge to empower formulators and contribute to the development of successful products.

Beyond Formulation: Troubleshooting and Prototyping

CLS is not just about creating successful formulations; we're your partners in overcoming challenges. Whether troubleshooting processing issues during scale-up or crafting prototypes in our GMP application lab, we're committed to understanding how our ingredients perform in diverse formats.

Our lab serves as an innovation hub, where we've developed and produced prototypes for many regions globally. Additionally, we create custom prototypes upon customer request, supporting their innovation processes and ensuring the highest quality standards.

Partner with Kemin’s Customer Laboratory Services, and let's embark on a journey to successfully bring your formulations to market. Our dedicated team stands ready to support you at every stage, from concept to creation.

Our CLS Team

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