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BetaVia™ Clinical Trial

How Does BetaVia Support Immune Health?

Studies show that BetaVia can provide triple-action protection by: priming innate immune cells1,2, fueling the growth of beneficial or "good" bacteria3, supporting the health of intestinal cells.4

Clinical Trial Shows BetaVia Helps Support a Healthy Immune System

Clinical trial results5 showed that active, healthy participants consuming BetaVia experienced fewer upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) symptoms, sick days and symptom days over a 90-day supplementation period compared to a placebo. These findings were statistically significant. 

URTI symptoms per participant

Participants consuming BetaVia reported 30 fewer symptoms over a 90-day supplementation period — that’s 70 percent fewer symptoms compared to a placebo.**

URTI symptoms per participant (2)

Over the 90-day supplementation period, participants consuming BetaVia reported 3.3 fewer sick days compared to a placebo.

URTI symptoms per participant (1)

Participants consuming BetaVia experienced 10 fewer symptom days over the 90-day supplementation period, compared to those taking a placebo.  A symptom day is a day in which a participant experiences at least one URTI symptom.

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**The data for URTI was collected using a validated survey WURSS -24 which surveys the following symptoms: runny nose, plugged nose, sneezing, sore throat, scratchy throat, cough, hoarseness, head congestion, chest congestion, feeling tired, headache, body aches and fever.


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