Environmental Health and Safety

Kemin employee Matt Clark head shot


Protecting Employees and the Environment
Employee health and safety is the top priority for Kemin. Not only does a safe, healthy workplace prevent painful injuries and illness, but Kemin recognizes it’s also good for business. The safe way to do a task is always the most cost-effective way over the long term. Likewise, Kemin understands that caring for the environment through eco-friendly practices and compliance with regulations contributes to the health and happiness of our employees and is the only way to make our business sustainable for generations to come.


Focus on Prevention with Readiness for Emergencies
The Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) department is responsible for designing, implementing and constantly improving programs and practices that protect the health of our employees and the environment. EHS also develops plans to allow for immediate and effective response to any health, safety and environmental emergencies.

Kemin EHS relies on employees who are passionate about protecting others and the environment for all the right moral, ethical and business reasons.


Join the Kemin EHS team in one of the following roles:

  • Environmental health
  • Campus and manufacturing safety
  • Security
  • Maintenance