Using Efficiency and Innovation to Improve Products and Processes
Kemin Engineering uses science and creativity to bring efficiency and innovation to product development, laboratory functions, and manufacturing processes. Kemin engineers work in cross-functional teams with the research and development and operations departments where their expertise greatly contributes to achieving company goals. Our engineering professionals are critical in bringing unsurpassed products, value, and service to Kemin customers.


Jobs at Multiple Levels and Specialties
Our engineering team includes chemical and process engineers and experts in product application, supply chain management, and campus utility and maintenance. Engineering team members routinely work with the latest technology to build, install, repair, and maintain various application equipment, and integrate technology into customer processing systems.

Kemin Engineering is a great fit for people who enjoy using their skills, experiences, and insight as part of a team that transforms plans into reality and continuously improve process quality and efficiency.

Join Kemin Engineering in one of the following roles:

  • Product application
  • Quality
  • Process
  • Mechanical
  • Structural/Construction
  • Chemical