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Kemin Technical Services in Asia Pacific

Experienced Industry Experts Ready to Tackle Any Product Challenge

Kemin provides ongoing customer support through a dedicated Technical Services Team.

Leveraging extensive pet food industry experience, Technical Services Managers (TSMs) partner with customers to troubleshoot and find solutions for product-related issues throughout every step of the pet food manufacturing process.

How TSM Can Assist You

  • Product recommendations
  • Laboratory testing and research collaboration
  • Product application and inclusion rates
  • Conducting trials and protocol development
  • Troubleshooting pet food product shelf life, palatability, food safety and nutrition

Profiles of Pet Food Assurance

"As a TSM, I'm here to make sure the pet food products you're making can withstand shelf life and remain the palatable, safe and nutritious products you intended them to be. Kemin is here for you every step of the way."

- McKenna Lupkes, Technical Service Manager
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Pet Food and Rendering Industry Expertise

Kemin TSMs specialize in pet food product oxidation control, palatability, food safety and nutrition. Equipped with extensive scientific expertise, TSMs act as customers go-to experts for pet food ingredient interactions, market trends, raw material selection, study design, and much more. Our Technical Services team is with you every step of the pet food supply chain.

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