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Kemin's Finest Ingredient to Overcome Challenges Faced by Food Industry

Posted June 09, 2023

The food industry is undergoing a transformative shift. With evolving consumer demands, stricter regulation, and supply chain limitations, the key to overcoming the food challenges and harnessing the opportunities presented lies in the expertise of food professionals. Scientists, technicians, and food specialists have emerged as the driving force behind the industry's progress, spearheading innovation and development. At Kemin, a leading food ingredient company, we recognized the pivotal role played by these experts in shaping the future of food. Our dedicated team of professionals brings together a breadth of knowledge and experience, enabling us to deliver innovative solutions that address crucial aspects such as food safety, shelf life extension, and food quality. Through a steadfast commitment to innovation and technology, we empower food manufacturers to meet consumers' changing needs.

Meet Kemin's Food Expert – From staple food to extravagant delicacies, Kemin's expert bring their best to the table


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The One That Has Your Back
Dr. Keith Lim
Director of Innovation and Excellence

Dr. Keith Lim is a seasoned food expert with over 20 years of experience in the industry. As the Director of Innovation and Excellence at Kemin, he leads a team of experts committed to developing innovative solutions that improve shelf life, food safety, and quality. Dr. Lim's extensive experience in food science and technology allows him to identify and address the challenges the food industry faces. He is an expert in the industry, and his insights have been instrumental in developing new products and processes that have transformed the food industry.

"Food innovation is more than just a trend - it's essential to address challenges faced by the food industry today. Our food experts always search for innovative solutions to improve shelf life, food safety, and quality."

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She Is Small But Mighty
Dr. Fan MengYuan 
Food Scientist

Earning her Ph.D. in Food Science and Technology from The Ohio State University, Dr. Fan has over ten years of research experience in the food industry. As the first author, she has also amassed 18 publications, patents, and conference presentations. Dr. Fan started her career at Nestle before moving to a leading dairy company where she worked as a Project Manager. She is a member of the International Dairy Federation (IDF), the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), and Phi Tau Sigma – The Honor Society of Food Science and Technology. Her role in Kemin includes planning and conducting applied and exploratory research projects. Furthermore, she identifies long-term potential research projects and provides technical advisory and support to the commercial team.

"Through my work, I aim to bridge the gap between science and sustainability, empowering individuals and businesses to make informed choices that benefit our environment and society."

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Quenching Your Thirst For Better Drinks
Jimmy Seah
Technical Service Group Leader – Specializes in Dairy and Beverages

With over 17 years of experience, Jimmy's has been involved in product development, project management, and troubleshooting quality issues for the dairy and beverage application. He understands a manufacturer's cycle, from concept development to launch new products. He has also led multidisciplinary and multinational teams in projects and delivering new products, namely the 0% fat ready-to-eat yogurt, long-life UHT milk with DHA, long-life milk with juice drink, and long-life kids' milk. His formulation optimization and customization expertise allow seamless new product developments and co-creations. His leadership capabilities ensure the successful setup of Kemin's new Asia center of excellence, BITEPod™.

"From juices to energy drinks, the beverage industry relies on food safety and shelf life technology to deliver refreshing and nourishing products to consumers."

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Baking Your Ideas Into Reality
Anupama Venkataraman
Regional Technical Manager – Specializes in Bakery Products

With over nine years of experience in the additives market, Anupama has developed extensive expertise in the feed and food sectors. Her analytical mindset allows her to understand a product's pain point, whether organoleptic challenges or microbiological issues. In Kemin, Anupama addresses shelf life and food safety challenges that bakeries face during production, allowing them to expand their business and footprints. 

"Baked goods are our staple food. As we innovate and enhance their formulation, we must be able to increase product quality without compromising the bottom line, ensuring affordable baked goods for people from all walks of life."

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Serving You Noodle Solutions, Instantly
Knight Yue
Technical Service Manager – Specializing in Instant Noodles

With more than 15 years of experience in the instant noodle industry, Kemin's Technical Service Manager, Knight Yue, specializes in instant noodle quality development and noodle dough formulation. His passion and thorough understanding of instant noodles make him our foremost expert in providing technical support for new product development and food quality enhancement projects. His experience in various companies and serving markets such as China and South East Asia allowed him to taste a wide range of produce. On top of that, he was the visionary of our new product – VALTEQ™.

"As an experienced instant noodle taster, I can confidently say every product is unique. Considering various consumer preferences woven into the nuanced tapestry of instant noodles, I have witnessed intricate variations in taste that distinguish each country's preference."

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The Condiment Connoisseur
Zhang Hao
Technical Service Manager - Specializing in Condiments &  Baked Goods

Zhang Hao has an impressive 20 years of experience in the food industry. His tenure in various multinational companies has given him insights and knowledge in condiments bakery filling, and the bakery segment. Specializing in formulation design, product development, and technical support, he helps to craft practical solutions based on consumer and market needs. He performs shelf life and sensory analysis on various sauces, dressing products, and baked goods, quantifying food quality standards. His acute market awareness and industry experience enable him to provide customers with the most suitable blend of solutions, meeting consumers' desired taste and texture profiles.

"Sauces and dressing can add flavor and variety to any meal, but their composition with high-water content and oil creates a favorable environment for microbial growth and rancidity. As food technologists, we ensure longer shelf life and safe consumption."

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Protein-packed Powerhouse
Ni Zhen Teo
Technical Service Manager - Specializing in Processed Meat

Equipped with an M.Sc. in Food Science and Technology and more than ten years of food industry experience, Ni Zhen has specialized with in Processed Meat and Meat Alternatives for the past eight years. Her background in new product development and localization has been the key to many successful launches in various countries, including food manufacturers, quick service restaurants, and other major branded franchises. Aside from her in-depth knowledge of processed meat, she has also successfully developed a ready-to-eat processed meat that bears the healthier choice logo in Singapore. Furthermore, she modernized and upscaled a traditional Chinese processed meat product, consistently enabling ten times production efficiency. Her pilot plant experience is vital to any food manufacturers looking to commercialize production systems. 

"Proper food safety measures are critical for the meat and poultry industry, and we are dedicated to providing effective solutions for manufacturers and consumers."