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Oxidation Control

Antioxidants for Rendering Processes

At Kemin, we understand that an ingredient quality assurance plan must address your entire manufacturing process, from raw material quality to finished product stability. A successful program requires selection of the right natural or synthetic antioxidants, the technical expertise, and product application support needed to ensure your objectives are met.

Natural Antioxidants




Natural Antioxidants for Rendering Stability

Successful formulation with natural antioxidants demands a thorough understanding of how processing impacts the quality and stability of a rendered protein meal and fat. Selecting the right antioxidant at the right dosage level is key to achieving desired targets. For over 25 years, Kemin has led the way in developing natural antioxidant formulations that satisfy customer expectations as consumer needs have changed.




Synthetic Antioxidants

Synthetic Antioxidants for Maximum Protection from Oxidation

There are several synthetic antioxidant options available to control free radical chain reactions in the rendering manufacturing processes. These include Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), Tertiary butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ), Ethoxyquin (EQ), and Propyl gallate (PG). Kemin understands that the effectiveness of these antioxidants can be impacted by many things, including the manufacturing process and by the kind of ingredients that are being stabilized. You can be confident that our diverse portfolio of synthetic antioxidant formulations provides maximum protection from oxidation.

Kemin is Your Freshness Partner

Kemin is leading the way in developing innovative natural antioxidant formulations that provide industry-leading performance that meet the evolving challenges of today's ingredient requirements and market demands. We also offer a range of synthetic formulations that provide maximum value and protection from oxidation. 

We take pride in the fact that many of the world’s leading petfood manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, and renderers turn to us for stabilization and freshness protection needs. What sets us apart is our application expertise and extensive technical support. You can rest assured that Kemin has the knowledge and resources to provide fresh solutions that address your local and global needs.

The many benefits of a Kemin partnership:

Add Kemin Antioxidants to Your Mix

Real partnerships require true collaboration for the development of innovative solutions that meet your changing needs. Only Kemin can provide you with a broad range of proven solutions for utilizing natural or synthetic antioxidants throughout the entire rendering supply chain and manufacturing process. That’s why leading pet food manufacturers and renderers collaborate with Kemin for antioxidant shelf-life stabilization solutions.

Contact a Kemin Sales Representative today to learn how Kemin Antioxidants can provide shelf-life stabilization solutions for rendered ingredients that support the growing consumer demand for high-quality pet foods and pet treats. And, let us show you how our Customer Laboratory Services (CLS), Technical Support, and our Kemin Application Services (KAS) can provide added-value service to help you achieve your goals.