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Natural Petfood Ingredients

Natural is the New "Healthy"

As more pet owners are viewing their pets like family members, consumer demand for natural alternatives to synthetic petfood ingredients has grown. Consumer perception is that natural pet food is healthier, because natural ingredients are thought to offer superior nutrition, improved freshness and better quality.

Regional regulatory requirements are mirroring the consumer push for natural, resulting in a growing trend for premium petfood manufacturers to offer natural products that meet or exceed expectations for freshness, palatability and nutritional quality. 

However, keeping an ingredient list natural is a challenge. Kemin can help.

Sustainable Science, Advanced Agronomy

Decades before it became a trend, Kemin was a pioneer in using plant-based, sustainable ingredients that provide alternatives to synthetic chemicals. Our botanical manufacturing facilities (a.k.a. plants) clean the air of carbon dioxide, emit oxygen and produce waste matter that returns nutrients to the soil. Kemin uses natural, green chemistry methods to extract and process desired molecules.

Kemin is one of the most vertically integrated suppliers of plant-based ingredients, including specialty crops like rosemary and spearmint. Across the supply chain, Kemin controls the breeding, plant selection, growing, harvesting and extraction steps for our specialty crops. Our agronomists partner with expert growers and family farmers around the world. This vertical integration ensures that every batch of product is consistent so customers can expect the same efficacy every time they purchase Kemin products.

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