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Human & Animal Health, Food Ingredients, Crop Protection & More

Animal Nutrition & Health

We are a trusted market leader in the animal feed, beef, dairy, poultry, swine, and equine industries. Our science-backed solutions help optimize nutrition, improve gut health, support immune function, improve the absorption of nutrients, extend the shelf life of feed, and reduce harmful pathogens in the feed and water animals consume.

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Aquaculture is on the rise as more people around the world consume more fish and shrimp. Kemin is helping feed companies, farmers, and producers to raise the healthiest fish and shrimp with our antibiotic-free growth promoters, digestive enzymes, nutrient absorption enhancers, and more. 



By finding key enzymes and antioxidants to increase the profitability of ethanol and biodiesel plants, Kemin is supporting the biofuels industry to maximize its plant production and reduce greenhouse gas pollutants while minimizing the depletion of our planet’s natural resources.

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Crop Technologies

Pests and diseases are constant threats for commercial growers and farmers. Our line of worker- and plant-friendly insecticides uses Kemin’s certified sustainably grown rosemary as a botanical oil to effectively knock down and control mites and soft-bodied insects on all crops. 


Food Technologies

Our innovative plant-based extracts, antioxidants, and antimicrobials provide food safety, flavor, color, and quality solutions for the baking and snack, meat and poultry, and oils and fats industries.

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We believe we can make a positive impact on the industries we serve with science-backed environmentally friendly products. Kemin introduces a new hemp derived product initiative that is focused on providing plant-based solutions to businesses.

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Human Nutrition & Health

We deliver naturally sourced ingredients that improve vision, immunity, cognition, weight management, and overall wellbeing. Kemin scientists make proven ingredients so our customers can provide impactful, naturally sourced dietary and functional food and beverages. 

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Pet Food & Rendering Technologies

Kemin provides the products and expert services that pet food manufacturers, renderers, and ingredient suppliers need. Our antioxidants are found in 60% of all pet food around the world, our food safety solutions keep it fresh, our specialty proteins deliver the nutrition pets need, and our palatants provide the flavor cats and dogs crave.


textile Auxiliaries

Under the Garmon Chemicals brand name, Kemin provides cutting-edge innovation to the garment finishing industry. Our conscious chemistry has led to pioneering solutions for enzymatic treatments, eco-bleaches, and fashion effects with less impact on the environment. 

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