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We have regional headquarters and manufacturing facilities in the below locations. In addition, our global sales staff live all over the world, serving customers in more than 120 countries, allowing us to offer global expertise, tailored for local markets. Read about what it's like to live and work in these locations.

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North America 

Kemin was founded in Des Moines, Iowa in 1961. Our headquarters remains there today with several other locations in North America that help us to operate in over 120 countries with offices around the globe!

Des Moines Headquarters

Des Moines, Iowa

Our expansion:
In 2013, a 45,000 square-foot research facility called the Molecular Advancement Center opened. In 2017, we will further deepen our roots in Iowa with the opening of a new, 90,000 square-foot corporate headquarters building. These are just two of the buildings that make up a multi-year, $125.5 million expansion in Des Moines that will have added a coffee shop, cafeteria, fitness center, spacious courtyard, walking paths, and innovative work spaces to our campus.

Additional projects to our campus in Des Moines include:

  • 23,000 square-foot warehouse
  • 16,000 square-foot manufacturing facility with additional 7,300 square-feet of mezzanine and equipment platform
  • 10,000 square-foot greenhouse with a 1,700 square-foot head house

Connecting with our community:
Kemin is an active partner in every community where we have employees as we strive to promote the economic and social wellbeing of those host communities. At our corporate headquarters, we focus our support on underprivileged children, science education, and affordable housing by working locally with:

  • Youth Emergency Services and Shelter (YESS)
  • Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity
  • Iowa Governor’s Stem Advisory Council

We encourage employee participation by offering paid leave away from work to volunteer in the community. Click here to read more about our corporate social responsibility.

Living in Des Moines:
Des Moines is the best of both worlds with the exciting culture and recreation of a large metropolitan city and the affordable living and family values that the Midwest is known for. You can visit our world-class art museum, bike along hundreds of miles of trails, and dine at one of our culturally diverse, award-winning restaurants in our booming downtown area. Like Kemin, Des Moines is growing and thriving, making it a great place for our employees to call home. Whether you live in the area or are visiting, make sure to visit our famous Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market, recognized on the "Top 10 Farmers' Markets in the U.S" by Shape Magazine.

With the cost of living nearly 10% below the national average, Des Moines was recently named #1 Best City for Young Professionals and the #2 Best City for Jobs by Forbes Magazine, and #6 Best City for Raising a Family by Kiplinger. Read more about how Des Moines is top-ranked for young profesisonals, retirees, homeowers, and more!

To learn more about living and working in Des Moines, visit the Greater Des Moines Partnership.

To learn about some of the upcoming events and more exciting things to do in the city, visit Catch Des Moines

Verona Missouri

Verona, Missouri

Working in Verona:
The Verona manufacturing team works twelve-hour shifts and therefore fewer days per week - allowing employees more free time to spend with their family, while receiving extremely competitive wages and benefits. A small, yet skilled and hard-working team, Verona employees are also engaged in life beyond work with several family and community events throughout the year. 

Living in Verona:
Verona is surrounded by incredible nature with close proximity to expansive lakes and the Ozark Mountains. Residents of Verona can take advantage of the low cost of living in this small town, while enjoying the benefits and entertainment of nearby cities like Branson (a popular entertainment destination) and Springfield.

Popular destinations near Verona:

The Ozark Mountain Region


Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Area

Carthage Civil War Museum

South America 

Kemin began selling in Brazil in 1999 and opened our regional headquarters in Indaiatuba in 2004. In addition, we have a location in Chapeco, Valinhos, Vargeao, Buenos Aires, and sales representation throughout the region to best serve South America.

Brazil, South America

Europe, the Middle East, Africa 

In 1970, Kemin established our first regional headquarters in Herentals, Belgium when the need for Kemin products grew beyond the United States. Today, Herentals is still home to our Europe and Middle East headquarters and serves customers in locations such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, UK, Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Denmark, Morocco and Jordan.

Johannesburg, South Africa

South Africa

Living in Johannesburg:
Johannesburg is a vibrant and culturally rich city known for its friendly and warm people.  No matter where you live in Johannesburg, you will get the feel of a large metropolitan area and all of its modern comforts while still being surrounded by nature. Residents enjoy a sunny climate with summer months characterized by hot days, afternoon showers, and cool evenings, and the winter months by dry, sunny days and chilly nights. Temperatures in Johannesburg are mild, due to the city’s high elevation, making the enjoyable weather a great reason to call Johannesburg home!

Working in Johannesburg:
This Kemin Sub-Saharan Africa office reflects the friendly and helpful nature of the people of Johannesburg. The work environment is welcoming to visitors and employees and we think of our team as one big family! Johannesburg is a sprawling city with an extensive freeway, bus, train, and mass transit, allowing travel of many forms around the city.

Check out some of the top attractions in the city:

  • Johannesburg Zoo                                       
  • Apartheid Museum
  • Gold Reef City                                             
  • Constitution Hill
  • Lion Park                                                     
  • Lesedi Cultural Village
  • Carlton Centre                                             
  • Montecasino
  • Nelson Mandela National Museum              

Herentals, Belgium

Herentals, Belgium

Working in Herentals:
The Herentals campus has expanded twice since its opening in 1970, the first time in 1990 with the addition of an expansive warehouse for finished goods and the second expansion was completed in 2011, adding a new innovation and technology center with 1,700 square meters of state-of-the-art research facilities. In addition to those buildings, the headquarters also has an administration building and manufacturing facility.

The site is easily reached from large nearby cities such as Hasselt, has easy access to a major highway, and there is a train station within walking distance from the Kemin campus.

Living in Herentals:
Herentals is a Belgian city located in the Flemish province of Antwerp. With three official languages (Dutch, French, German), Belgium is known for linguistic diversity.

Referred to as the capital of the Campine Region, Herentals, with a population of around 26,000, combines the perks of a peaceful rural environment with the excitement of a growing cultural hub. One of the city’s most popular attractions for locals and visitors is the Open Market, an eclectic and global offering of restaurants and bars that is surrounded by beautiful historic buildings.

Cavriago, Italy

Cavriago, Italy

Living in Cavriago:
Residents and visitors to Cavriago love how the city, located in the middle of the Pianura Padana, has a small town feel. It is known for livestock production while also being strategically connected to many of Italy’s large cities via high speed transportation. Cavriago is located next to the Apennine mountain range as well as the Adriatic and Ligurian Seas, and historically well-known cities such as Parma, Modena, Bologna and Mantua.

Cavriago, Italy

Veronella, Italy

The Veronella office is proud of their international diversity, drawing team members from all over the world that collaborate across functions in a friendly and constructive atmosphere. There are many interesting, historic and natural attractions around Veronella, like the Soave castle, the splendid hilly territory of Valpolicella, Vicenza, the hometown of renowned architect Andrea Palladio and; Verona, the famous city of Romeo and Juliet.

Lipetsk, Russia

The new facility for the Kemin subsidiary, Kemin Industries (Lipetsk) LLC, is located in the Special Economic Zone of Lipetsk. The new location has the capacity to serve the growing demand for specialized nutritional ingredients to address the needs of the rapidly growing Russian animal protein industry.

With regional headquarters in Europe, Kemin has been serving Russia since 1995. In 2014, the company opened a fully equipped customer service laboratory in Moscow to better serve the feed industry and its growing customer base. The Lipetsk location is part of the five-year, global expansion plan for Kemin. The new state-of-the-art facility is one of the most sophisticated plants in the global Kemin portfolio, and features a manufacturing plant, quality labs and warehouses. 

Lipetsk, Russia, plant

Asia Pacific 

Around 1980, after doing international business through distributors, we opened an office in Asia Pacific with the mission to better serve our customers in that region. After starting in Sydney, Australia, then Hong Kong, Kemin opened our second regional headquarters in Singapore in 1988.

Singapore, Singapore

Working in Singapore:
Our Singapore office is home to an administration building, manufacturing facility and research labs. Kemin is a leader in Asia in research, development and manufacturing and has customized its product lines to address specific customer needs. We also have a local presence in Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

Living in Singapore:
The Singapore tourism board’s slogan is appropriately, “More than just a dot”. While Singapore can look like a tiny dot on the map, this bustling country has four main languages, a population of 5.39 million people and 63 islands!  Like Kemin, Singapore is a rich mix of cultures and a blend of old-world and new architecture.

To learn about the unique culture in Singapore, visit here.

To read about Singapore’s most popular neighborhoods for living and entertainment, visit here.


Our South Asia regional headquarters opened in Chennai, India in 1996 and has continued to expand over the years. In 2000, Kemin built state-of-the-art research and manufacturing facilities in Gummidipundi, near Chennai. The India sales team serves customers throughout the country as well as in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and more.

Gummindipundi, India

Gummidipundi, India

Gummidipundi is located in an industrial town in the Thiruvallur district. This is located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, approximately one hour north of our office in Chennai. We expanded our South Asia operations in 2000 when we added a state-of-the-art research and development and manufacturing facility in Gummidipundi. We further expanded our operations in Gummidipundi in 2011, doubling our production capacity, adding new technologies to our manufacturing portfolio in the region, and expanding our research and quality assurance facilities.

Chennai, India

Chennai, India

Living in Chennai:
Chennai is the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Located off the Bay of Bengal, it is one of the biggest industrial and commercial centers in South India. It is home to a large expatriate population, making it a major cultural center in India. Chennai is one of the few cities in the world that accommodates a national park within its city limits and, despite its large city size, is home to many acres of botanical gardens and green space. The city also has world-class medical facilities, including both government and private-run hospitals.

Top Attractions:

Guindy National Park

Chennai Temples

Chennai Beaches

Chennai Fairs and Festivals


Kemin has been serving customers in China since 1984, but officially established a regional headquarters in Zhuhai in 2000. In addition to our regional headquarters, we have a facility in Shanghai and Beijing.

Zhuhai China

Zhuhai, China

Kemin is rapidly growing in China and located in the Technology and Industry Park in Sanzao Town, Zhuhai. Zhuhai is a beautiful coastal city in the south of China with easy access to Macau and Hong Kong. Kemin has been serving the Chinese feed industry since 1984 but officially established Kemin China in 2000 when it opened a manufacturing facility. Kemin expanded its facilities in Zhuhai in recent years, adding additional manufacturing and storage space as well as state-of-the-art research and development laboratories.

Kemin China is consistently recognized as a company that not only manufactures superior products but also as a strong contributor in moving China’s economic development forward.  In 2008, the Sanzao Government recognized Kemin China for their contributions to community by honoring the company with the Prominent Contribution award.

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