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Jose Piccolotto

José Piccolotto

President, Human Nutrition & Health 

José Piccolotto is the president of Kemin Human Nutrition and Health. Since assuming the role in 2020, his previous role was the president of Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health, South America.

Before joining Kemin, Piccolotto spent 11 years in sales and marketing for pharmaceutical, retail, technology and service companies, including EMS, IBM and AmCham. Piccolotto has worked in various areas of Europe, the Middle East and Latin America, gaining international exposure and experience in new business development and structuring, as well as company internationalization with a focus on defining strategies, operational guidelines and business startup. From his work in different countries, Piccolotto strengthened his level of adaption and ability to interact in multicultural environments and complex scenarios.

Piccolotto holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Facamp University and a Master of Business Administration from Fundação Getulio Vargas.


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