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As professional growers strive to run healthy, efficient and profitable horticulture businesses, it is important to create a clean, pest-free environment for plants to grow. Unfortunately, pests and diseases are persistent challenges for growers. If left uncontrolled, these factors can ruin entire crops, compromising productivity and profit.

While there are a wide range of products available to help manage pests, many insects have developed resistance to these solutions—rendering the products ineffective. To combat this, growers need more adaptable, versatile and efficacious solutions. However, many of the pest management products available on the market are synthetic, leaving limited options for growers interested in sustainable pest management solutions.

Understanding the goals and challenges of growers, Kemin Crop Technologies has developed science-backed, relevant and effective product solutions to help growers raise healthy plants and maintain healthy growing environments.

We Provide Innovative Products Designed for the Commercial Horticulture Market

In  2015, Kemin introduced Crop Technologies to provide valuable commercial horticulture solutions for growers nationwide. Kemin Crop Technologies is based in Des Moines, Iowa alongside the company’s five other market-specific business units.

Kemin understands the challenges growers face because we too are growers. From seed to greenhouse to field, our Specialty Crop Improvement (SCI) program grows specialty crops for use in our plant-based ingredients. Through our expertise in plant biology, breeding, propagation, formulation and greenhouse production, we bring growers the same innovative and effective solutions we use in our own growing practices. This allows us to come to market with products we have scientifically tested on our valuable crops, and develop them into program applications for our customers.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

At Kemin Crop Technologies, it is our vision to be a valuable resource for growers as they look for innovative, environmentally friendly solutions to keep their operations healthy and profitable. As we serve the commercial horticulture market, we are contributing to the company’s overall vision to improve the quality of life by touching half the people of the world every day with our products and services.

It is our mission to work in partnership with customers to help improve yields and save time and money. As a partner, we are committed to providing a range of innovative solutions, services and insights to help:

  • Maintain healthy plants and healthy growing environments
  • Support in the development of strong Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Promote worker safety, and manage increasing costs

Our Team

Beyond providing innovative product solutions, our Kemin Crop Technologies team treats customers’ challenges and successes as our own. Through their expertise in horticulture, pest management and agronomy, the team can support growers through site visits, tailored advice and science-backed insights.

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Product Portfolio with Solutions for all Growers

The range of commercial horticulture products we offer are designed to be safe, effective and easy to use. Our crop protection and greenhouse cleaner products align with current regulatory and environmental standards and can be included in any IPM program.

Advanced Crop Protection Solutions

Biopesticide solution to kill and repel mites

Greenhouse Cleaner

Algae stain removal solution to keep environments clean and workers safe

Expert Tips

Insights for all growers from our team of expert growers

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Because pests and algae are a universal challenge in the commercial horticulture industry, our products are designed to help growers of any size, scale or crop to raise healthy plants and keep growing environments clean.

Competitive Product Development Advantages and Insights


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As Kemin Crop Technologies continues to develop and refine innovative product solutions for commercial horticulture markets, we pull together areas of technical expertise from across Kemin.

  • For plant science, we harness phytomolecular research and specialty crop breeding expertise from our SCI program’s years of experience as a successful specialty crop producer.
  • We leverage our scientists’ expertise in using molecular science to create innovative, application-based solutions to formulate efficacious products.
  • As we manufacture products for growers, we use the same well-established quality and safety processes Kemin uses to produce ingredients for the food, feed and health-related industries.

Bringing together Kemin experience in growing, research and development, and manufacturing gives Kemin Crop Technologies a competitive advantage for delivering solutions to the commercial horticulture market.

Active Across the Horticulture Industry

To stay at the top of growers’ minds, help advance the commercial horticulture and produce industry and learn the latest trends and challenges, we are actively involved in multiple organizations across the United States.

  • We are a proud member of AmericanHort®, a consolidation of the American Nursery & Landscape Association and OFA-The Association of Horticulture Professionals. Through this membership, we are part of a community of growers and industry members dedicated to promoting, protecting and preserving the commercial horticulture industry.
  • We joined BPIA (Biological Products Industry Alliance) and its regulatory committee to give us the opportunity to network with the leading biopesticide companies.
  • We are also members of other various Associations:
    • The AERGC (Association of Education and Research Greenhouse Curators), we sponsored their 2017 Annual Meeting.
    • The NARBA (North America Rasberry & Blackberry Association),
    • We are a Bronze Associate Member of the FSGA (Florida Strawberry Growers Association),
    • We are an Associate Member of The Hop Growers America Association and a Silver Sponsor for the 62nd Annual 2018 American Hop Convention coming up January 23-16, 2018,
    • And in 2017, we sponsored a North Carolina Arboretum event: The North Carolina Integrated Pest Management Symposium. 
  • In early 2017, we sponsored the Dr. Allan M. Armitage California Spring Trials (CAST) scholarship. The scholarship allowed the recipient Tyler Beasley, a junior from Oregon State University’s Ecampus pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Ornamental Horticulture, to work with Dr. Allan Armitage and learn his vast knowledge on variety introductions, breeding and running trials. Through this scholarship, Tyler also met leading companies and growers involved in breeding, selecting and marketing ornamental plant and flower varieties.
  • We attend industry events and tradeshows. Click here to learn more about upcoming events.


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AmericanHort® is a registered trademark of AmericanHort, Columbus, Ohio.

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