12 Senoko Drive
Singapore 758200

Year established: 1988
Number of employees:  approximately 123


Teams: marketing, finance, human resources, operations, administrative, research and development, sales, engineering, regulatory affairs, information technology, customer service

Working in Singapore 
Our Singapore office is home to an administration building, manufacturing facility and research labs. Kemin is a leader in Asia in research, development and manufacturing and has customized its product lines to address specific customer needs. We also have a local presence in Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.


Living in Singapore 
The Singapore tourism board’s slogan is appropriately, “More than just a dot”. While Singapore can look like a tiny dot on the map, this bustling country has four main languages, a population of 5.39 million people and 63 islands!  Like Kemin, Singapore is a rich mix of cultures and a blend of old-world and new architecture.

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