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KEMINCONNECT™: Data-Driven Decision Making

Today, Kemin’s application systems apply our products in the production process of feed mills, crushing facilities, rendering facilities, pet food facilities and more. To help offer new digital technologies to the animal nutrition professionals who use our systems, we have created KEMINCONNECT.

KEMINCONNECT is our newest digital application management platform that provides customers with analytical insights to make data-driven decisions that optimize processes and operations. Created by Kemin specifically for our customers, KEMINCONNECT is tailormade to integrate our application system into customers’ existing production processes.

With KEMINCONNECT, we are confident that customers will enjoy increased agility and reactivity from our support teams, and operators will gain additional insights on how to improve their processes and application systems.



How does KEMINCONNECT serve customers?

We start by understanding what data to collect and how to collect it. Depending on the customer’s needs, the data inputs can come from the Kemin application system or a variety of sensors installed in the customer’s factory. The sensor market is developing quickly, so the number of applications is expanding enormously. 

The sensor data, together with other relevant process parameters, is securely transferred via an industrial Internet of Things (IoT) gateway that pushes the data into the KEMINCONNECT cloud. The information is automatically validated, aggregated and safely stored in the cloud to ensure customers can access real-time data from multiple applications at various locations for insights and system alerts. All KEMINCONNECT data is secure and treated with integrity; the platform was developed with the highest level of end-to-end security in mind to ensure customers’ data is safely stored. 

KEMINCONNECT offers knowledge that enables customers to better understand how our liquid programme benefits the production process through data-driven decision-making.



KEMINCONNECT Digital Platform

The KEMINCONNECT digital platform pioneers a range of extended services within the industry and supports customers with three key pillars, each with a different objective and level of complexity. 


KeminConnect Digital House

Monitoring focuses on gathering and analyzing collected data from remote locations. Based on the collected data, Kemin optimizes customers’ inventory, supply chain and service levels to decrease operating costs and help improve customers’ overall data management experience.

bulkTANK Monitoring

The bulkTANK monitoring application lets customers monitor product levels in real-time from different devices in multiple tanks across multiple sites. Smart dashboards visualize data to optimize on-time deliveries, reduce costs and improve efficiency all for improved peace of mind.

Read more about bulkTANK Monitoring

Applicator Monitoring

An effective applicator dashboard gives customers the ability to monitor their systems and see any issues in real-time. Applicator Monitoring also gives Kemin engineers insights on predictive maintenance needs.


Read more about Applicator Monitoring.  

Assisting describes the data collected from different touchpoints by aggregating and analyzing it for new process insights, allowing for predictive actions and analytics. Assisting reduces overall costs, increases productivity and eases the implementation of our programs.


Our millSMART ONLINE application is an effective dashboard that allows customers to see the added value of the millSMART program in real-time. Applicator sensor data is pushed through the industrial IoT gateway via an end-to-end secured protocol to the platform, where it is validated, aggregated and stored. Key performance indicators for millSMART, which are based on system and process data, are visualized in smart dashboards. 

Real-time data allows you to discover new insights. Read more about millSMART ONLINE


Transforming provides customers with prescriptive insights, including artificial intelligence and machine learning for self-optimizing processes, which helps improve quality, safety, productivity and profitability across processes. Transforming is currently still in development and pilots are running to confirm the proof of concept. Our vision is that a significant step forwards will have been realized by 2025.

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