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Global and Regional Leadership Team

Kemin Leadership Team

As an international company that thinks globally and acts locally, Kemin has advisory boards of advisors and leadership teams at the regional and worldwide level. With this composition of global and local insight, Kemin leadership provides strategic direction to support the company’s long-term growth. 

Kemin is comprised of 18 independently operated business units and ventures worldwide, each with its own president or general manager, leadership team, industry focus and regional customer segment. This structure helps each business unit act locally, strengthen its expertise in the industry and provide specialized solutions that truly meet customers’ needs. 

While each business unit operates independently, many of Kemin’s insights, best practices and breakthroughs are shared and applied across the company. This allows us to continually evolve, improve and strive toward a shared vision of transforming the quality of life. 

Kemin Worldwide Leadership Team 

  • Pat Wood | Chief Financial Officer 

  • R. Kannan | Worldwide Vice President: Human Resources 

  • Karen Li | Vice President: Worldwide Marketing

  • Dr. Stefaan Van Dyck | Worldwide Group President: Animal Nutrition and Health

  • G.S. Ramesh | Worldwide Group President: AquaScience™ and Biologics 

  • Giuseppe Abrate | Worldwide Group President: Crop Technologies and Textile Auxiliaries

  • David Raveyre | Worldwide Group President: Food Technologies, Nutrisurance, Human Nutrition and Health, and Global Strategic Portfolio-Intestinal Health

  • Dr. Hai Meng Tan | President: Animal Nutrition and Health – Asia Pacific 

  • João Gomes | President: Animal Nutrition and Health – Europe, Middle East, and North Africa

  • R. Sureshkumar | President: Animal Nutrition and Health – India 

  • Dr. Zhilin Gan | President: Animal Nutrition and Health – China

  • Daryl Schraad | President: Animal Nutrition and Health – North America

  • Rubens Castro  | President: Animal Nutrition and Health – South America

  • Johan Opperman | President: Animal Nutrition and Health – Sub-Saharan Africa 


Commitment to Servant Leadership

Across all regions, departments and job functions, Kemin is committed to being a company with a culture of servant leadership.

Kemin leadership demonstrates and teaches all employees the key principles of servant leadership: respect, appreciation, competence, empowerment, modeling pioneering, service, trust and vision. These values are the essence of the culture at Kemin. The values define how we treat our colleagues, customers, business partners, communities and suppliers. The values of servant leadership remain constant in an ever-changing business, shaping Kemin’s culture and guiding our success.


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