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The Global Growth of Bakery Goods

Posted May 16, 2022

From Danish smørrebrød to Turkish pide or Mexican tortillas, baked goods are consumer favourites all around the world. In the Middle East and Africa retail value for bakes goods exceeds that of other food categories such as processed meat and seafood or other processed foods and vegetables1. In this blog post, we will talk about global food trends for bakery goods, the importance and evolution of bread in the Middle East and Africa, and Kemin’s solutions to extend the shelf life of bakery products like tortillas and protect them from mould growth.


5 global food trends for baked goods

Health, convenience, sustainability, globalisation ... there are many trends that influence the bread and pastry market. Let’s highlight the top five2.


1.    Health

Consumers want to know what’s in their food. They check the list of ingredients more frequently, also when it comes to bread and other bakery products. They opt for fresh, low-fat and convenient food.


2.    Convenience & technology

Covid-19 has shaken up the food industry. Restaurants were forced to close their doors and people started ordering food online more often. The delivery of bakery products from the local bakery or supermarket is possible nowadays and more popular than ever.


3.    Alternative proteins

Plant-based foods have gained ground among consumers worldwide. This is also visible in the bakery segment with, for example, vegan sausage rolls or croissants made with plant-based butter.


4.    Sustainability

Sustainability is increasingly important in all sectors, including the food industry. In the field of bakery products, sustainability relates to issues such as shelf life (longer freshness means less waste), logistics (buying locally means less CO2 emissions) and, of course, product packaging to reduce waste.


5.    New flavours & experiences

Because travel is restricted due to Covid-19, we try to bring the world into our homes. And there is no better way to do that than by cooking foreign dishes, like dürüms from the Middle East, tortillas from Mexico or naan from India. This brings us to the next topic.


The evolution of bread in the Middle East & Africa

Bread is one of the most widely consumed commodities in the Middle East and Africa. Particularly in Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria and South Africa, bread is eaten with at least one of the main meals of the day. Moreover, it’s often fortified to combat malnutrition in certain regions.

Abovementioned food trends also apply in the Middle East and Africa. People want to be able to keep their food fresher for longer without having to compromise on health and nutrition. And with today’s busy lifestyle becomes packaged bread that needs to be stored to use in a later stage increasingly popular. Food manufacturers need to respond to this need and consider health, wellbeing and convenience in the production and distribution of their bakery products.


This is where Kemin Food Technologies comes into play.


Kemin’s TillaPack™ extends the shelf life of tortillas

Flatbreads like tortillas are popular in the Middle East and Africa. In order to meet the increasing needs of consumers, Kemin has developed TillaPack, a premix solution for flour tortillas. TillaPack provides an answer to the following challenges: shelf-life extension, operational concerns - like processing and logistics – and consumer appeal.


Do you want to meet today’s demands? Kemin can help with a new line of tortilla specific premix solutions. Want to find out which solution is perfect for you? More information can be found on our individual product pages.


Prevent microbial spoilage with Kemin’s SHIELD®

SHIELD is a food safety solution that controls microbes, preventing spoilage and mould growth in bakery products where water activity level and pH are of concern. SHIELD is developed for bread, cakes and tortillas. Manufacturers can benefit from increased dough softness, moisture retention and finished project flexibility. Due to high concentration, freight and storage expenses are reduced. And the best part of SHIELD? It improves taste! 


Be ahead of the trends and get started today with the right solution for your bakery product.



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