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Meat the Future | Protect Your Food with Natural Ingrediënts

Posted May 29, 2020

Kemin’s natural solutions will change the world. How? By using natural ingredients to protect your food. Whether it’s food safety or shelf-life solutions, we offer a one-stop shop of solutions to improve your business. Kemin’s innovative mindset and unique solutions help prevent microbial growth and delay oxidation, meeting the needs of manufacturers and consumers alike. Together, we can work towards a future where reading labels will become obsolete, because you can trust them blindly.


Tackle food recalls and waste with molecular solutions

From breakfast to dinner, Kemin is always there. Whether you realise it or not. Either through the food that animals eat, to taking supplements and purchase bakery items or meat at the supermarket – these are all opportunities to discover Kemin’s ingredients. And as an old saying goes “don’t get caught up in the details, but you need the details to connect the dots”, we’ll share our secrets with you.

At Kemin, we have the brightest minds in the business to tackle the challenges that lay on our path. One of the biggest challenges we face is food recalls, waste and loss of revenue. According to the RASFF consumer portal, about 2000 meat, fish and poultry products have been recalled over the last 5 years in Europe due to microbial contamination. That’s why we stay one step ahead of the game by tackling the issue from the bottom up, on a molecular level.


Reshaping the food market with label-friendly ingredients

Competition is fierce in the packaged foods market. Manufacturers are scrambling to secure their market share by trying to keep up with constantly evolving consumer preferences. With Kemin’s solutions, we can help reshape the food market as it should be. Just by replacing synthetic ingredients with E numbers by label-friendly ingredients.

It is widely accepted that consumers select a food product with their eyes, especially meat, thus products need to look fresh and tasty. This will influence their decision whether to repurchase the products or not. Oxidation is the enemy. It’s a chain reaction that occurs in the presence of oxygen, that is responsible for the deterioration of food products, including off-flavours and off-odours. This process is affected by processing, packaging and storing techniques, as well as product ingredients. But we can maintain fresh flavours with clean and efficacious ingredients.




Levering the natural trend

While health and wellness remain vital factors of influence in the global packaged food market, manufacturers are encouraged to investigate the overall benefits of cost-competitive natural solutions.  At Kemin we have the right ingredients to protect the food to the core and beyond, while following the shortest supply chain possible.

Synthetic antimicrobials and antioxidants have been preferred in the past because of their efficiency and lower cost in comparison with naturally derived ingredients. However, changing consumer demands, are compelling food and beverage brands to explore alternatives that meet the requirements of extending shelf life with clean label alternatives. Our Technical Sales Managers and Service Team will work closely with your business to come up with a solution that serves your needs. And if it serves yours, it will serve ours. With Kemin, everyone wins!


Discover a range of our products for meat and poultry:

Kemin protects your food

BactoCEASE® NV – Buffered vinegar-based food safety ingredient to protect meat, poultry and fish as well as deli salads against spoilage bacteria.

NaturFORT™ – Natural plant extracts for shelf life extension based on rosemary and green tea. Highly efficacious in numerous food applications such as meat and sauces.

NaturCEASE™ Dry – All in one solution shelf life and food safety solution to protect meat products from spoilage bacteria and control oxidation.


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