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For a garment to be sustainable, look fashionable, and meet the consumers' expectations, we are in constant evolution with our product line.

Garmon has a wide range of products focused on the finishing of garments, mainly for denim and jeans.

Our certified chemicals are used by industrial laundries around the world, reach fashion brands, and help us achieve our vision of sustainably transform the quality of life every day for 80 percent of the world with our products and services.

Below are some Garmon's solutions for garment finishing:

1. Enzymatic solutions for desizing, stone washing and biopolishing processes, for sustainable and efficient baths.

2. Resins and other coatings that promote new textures and finishes to jeans and other denim garments.

3. Bleaching agents and dispersing agents, to achieve stylish and trendy looks.

4. Softeners that guarantee excellent hand feel.

And yet, through our fashion lab Garmon Studio and our R&D teams, we promote innovative applications and launch new technologies to the market, such as the smart foam, created by Garmon for applying chemicals in a revolutionary way, with water savings of up to 80%.


Garmon's products are designed to transform garment looks in a sustainable and fashionable way around the world.


Curious to learn more about our products and the results we can achieve? See our full product line and Garmon Studio services.


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