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Garmon Brand

Kemin’s entrance into the textile industry began with the acquisition of garment finishing chemical company, Garmon Chemicals. Garmon’s 40 years of experience allowed the company to become a leading brand in the textile finishing agents’ industry. Garmon’s innovations are not only focused on total chemical solutions, but also on providing creative and functional benefits to manufacturers, apparel brands and retailers.

With headquarters located in the Republic of San Marino, Garmon has established a global presence, with subsidiary units in four other countries - China, India, Turkiye and Brazil, and sales in more than 30 countries worldwide. Our global footprint ensures technical assistance, as well as local distribution of both products and expertise.

Recently, Garmon has opened its second fashion laboratory - the Garmon Studio – this time in China, expanding technical knowledge and trends for finishing denim and other fabrics beyond Europe.

Using a customer-centered research and development process, the Garmon Studio continually develops new formulations with end-use consumers in mind. This approach to customer service and innovation allows us to center research around discovering and advancing solutions that truly meet the needs of the market and the ever-changing textile industry.


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