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Kemin Aquascience™ is working towards meeting the needs of the present without compromising opportunities for the future.

Aquavibra™ consists of phytobiotic compounds and organic acids to inhibit the growth of pathogenic microbes in the shrimps. The unique combination of phytobiotic compounds with organic acids present in Aquavibra™ reduces the risk of enteric diseases, including Vibriosis in aquaculture.

Improve Gut Health with Aquavibra™

Scientifically designed to improve the gut health of shrimps without compromising on the safety of the consumer

Aquavibra™ contains phytobiotic compounds which react on the cell walls of Vibrio sp., which causes the white gut/white fecal syndrome in shrimps.

Another function of Aquavibra™ is to act as a suppressor for the Quorum sensing pathways of Vibrio sp. This mode of action inhibits biofilm formation by Vibrio sp. in shrimp in aquaculture systems.

Aquavibra™ also consists of organic acids, which penetrate the pathogen cell wall and disrupt the normal physiology.  The organic acids present in the product also maintain gut health in shrimps by lowering their intestinal pH value, thereby helps to establish a healthy gut microbiome.

Aquavibra™ Technical Download 

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Use Cases of Aquavibra™ to Reduce the Risk of AHPND

Impact of AHPND on shrimp farms and how Aquavibra™ helps

The acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease (AHPND) is a fatal disease known to cause a 100% mortality rate in shrimps within 20 to 30 days of the stocking due to the unfavourable environment.

Aquavibra™ is a proprietary formulation from Kemin. It contains phytobiotic compounds that reduces the disease occurrence. To keep aquatic animals healthy and safe for human consumption, it is essential to keep the shrimps and fishes healthy. AquavibraTM contains phytobiotic compounds and organic acids that keep the shrimps healthy without compromising the consumers' health.

Aquavibra™, with its mixture of phytobiotic compounds and organic acids, prevents colonization of Vibrio sp. to alleviate the symptoms of Vibriosis.

Features and Benefits


  • A unique blend of various phytobiotic compounds and organic acids, which help to maintain shrimp gut integrity
  • Efficacious in a wide range of salinity


  • Accelerate and maintains shrimp gut integrity
  • Establishes healthy gut microbiome
  • Reduces pathogenic microbial load in the hepatopancreas and intestine
  • Reduces the risk of enteric diseases including Vibriosis
  • Reduces the incidence of white gut and white fecal syndrome
  • Improves the overall health of shrimps and operational performance of shrimp farms


Through innovation, Kemin Aquascience™ is moving the aquaculture value chain from linear to circular. By infusing our proprietary formulations in shrimp farms, farmers can improve shrimps' overall gut health and achieve a higher ROI.

For more information, consult a Kemin Aquascience™ technical expert.