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TBHQ, Tocopherols and the Marketplace

Posted June 25, 2018

Kemin offers food manufacturers a reliable supply of both TBHQ and tocopherols to meet today’s demands for effective shelf-life solutions in bakery and snack products.


The synthetic antioxidant Tertiary-Butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) protects food products from the oxidation that robs their natural flavor, color, and aroma—even when solubility, heat, and stability are an issue. A part of our EN-HANCE® portfolio, TBHQ is an ideal option for cost-conscious customers needing a time-tested, cost-effective ingredient with low inclusion levels and no sensory impact to improve the stability of their food products.

Market Conditions

The global pricing market for TBHQ had dropped to a decade-plus low in Q1 2018, but with recent rebounds in the price of crude oil and widespread demand, synthetic antioxidant prices are once again on the rise.

Kemin Solutions

Kemin Food Technologies predicted this trend and demand, and consequently has a stable TBHQ supply position with multiple approved suppliers to assure both ongoing supply and cost mitigation.

For manufacturers seeking a desirable alternative to time-tested synthetic antioxidants, Kemin also offers natural alternatives to TBHQ, including tocopherols.



The plant-derived antioxidant tocopherol protects a wide range of food applications from color and flavor degradation. Mixed tocopherols from our FORTIUM® MT line of plant-derived antioxidants have good solubility in foods with high fat an oil content and are heat stable ingredients with the ability to extend shelf life without contributing flavor.

Natural mixed tocopherols (forms of vitamin E), consisting of d-alpha (a), d-beta (ß), d-gamma (¿), and d-delta (d) tocopherol, can help maintain the freshness and shelf life of products and provide a desirable alternative to time-tested synthetic antioxidants. Another benefit? Tocopherols support consumer-friendly label claims and ingredient lists with the ability to make statements such as “Natural vitamin E added to preserve freshness” or “Natural vitamin E added to protect flavor.”

Market Conditions

The global pricing of mixed tocopherols fell to decades-low levels in 2016, but the demand for vitamin E and mixed tocopherols has put recent and dramatic stress on the availability of the soybean-derived raw material (deodorizer distillate) necessary to generate either vitamin E or mixed tocopherols. Additionally, a major plant shutdown has reduced the capacity from the market, and the delay has impacted the global supply.

Kemin Solutions

Kemin Food Technologies foresaw this tocopherol shortage and therefore secured a stable supply position with multiple approved suppliers to assure both ongoing supply and cost mitigation.


Rely on Kemin

Because food safety and quality is our top priority at Kemin, we continue to focus on long-range forecasting of supplies for these and other products, and securing adequate supply as well as alternatives. You can rely on KFT to ensure you have the antioxidant, food safety and shelf stability solutions you need, no matter how volatile the market gets.

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