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Aquaculture Vaccines in EMENA

Kemin empowers aquaculture performance through our range of inactivated vaccines aimed at building immunity to preserve fish immunocompetence and food safety in the growing population.

Vaccines that empower immunocompetence so that producers remain profitable in the competitive marketplace.

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Aquaculture Vaccines - Portfolio Guide


  • MEVAC™ AQUA STREPT (Inactivated): Trivalent bacterial vaccine of Streptococcosis, Lactococcosis and Enterococcosis Disease in fish

  • MEVAC™ AQUA STREPT+ (Inactivated): Tetravalent bacterial vaccine of Streptococcosis, Lactococcosis and Enterococcosis Disease in fish
Food Safety

VIBRO-VAC™ (Inactivated): Trivalent fish vaccine against Vibriosis

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