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Freshness and Petfood Palatability

Palatability enhancers in the Kemin PALASURANCE® and PALTEVA™ product lines are designed to improve the performance and consumption of pet food and other pet products, such as treats, supplements and tablets for dogs and cats. 

Ensuring proper product stabilization, handling, application and storage are key for product freshness and palatability performance.

Ensuring Stability

Utilizing Kemin’s deep understanding of oxidation and food safety, palatant products are protected and preserved, as needed, to ensure product freshness, stability, and performance.  Palatants are protected with the full range of Kemin's industry-respected antioxidants such as NATUROX® and VERDILOX™. 

To ensure a robust preservation system and maintain the desired palatability, a combination of mold inhibitors and specific acids are used.   Under suitable pH control, liquid palatants typically ­do not support the growth of common food micro­­­organisms. The liquid products in Kemin’s PALTEVA™ line of natural palatants use natural alternatives to common synthetic preservatives to protect from microbial contamination.  Dry palatants consist of a free-flowing powder that have low moisture and water activity.  Therefore, dry palatants do not typically support the growth of common food spoilage organisms.

Handling and Application

Liquid palatants can be delivered in drums, totes, and bulk shipments and arrive at temperatures between 85-105°F/25-30°C. Storage tanks should be equipped to keep the temperatures at 85-120°F/25-35°C to allow for optimal dispersion through the system and onto kibble. Totes may be stacked two totes high in an area above 70°F/20-25°C. The product should be mixed gently before use.

Dry palatants are made available in lined, heat-sealed bags as well as bulk sacks for quality assurance. Bags range in weight from 25 to 1000 kg depending on the product's bulk density and are also available with spout-bottom for ease of use.

liquid and dry palatant

Instructions for Use

PALASURANCE and PALTEVA liquid palatants are recommended for topical application onto dry pet foods at 2% to 4% levels following an application of topical fat. For best results, apply evenly at ambient temperatures between 20-30°C.

PALASURANCE dry palatants are recommended for topical application onto dry pet foods at 0.5% to 2.5% levels following an application of topical fat. For best results, apply evenly at ambient temperatures.

Kemin also offers a line of concentrated dry palatants, granulated dry palatants, dry hydrolysates and dry protein sources which are designed for use in treats, supplements and wet pet foods.


For best results, do not store PALASURANCE or PALTEVA palatants at freezing temperatures or near direct heat. Store in a dry, cool and clean environment in the original, sealed container or, for liquid palatants, a recirculating/mildly agitated bulk tank. Temperature changes can cause clumping, and in some cases, alter the flavor of dry palatants.

It is recommended that bulk storage tanks and dry application equipment be cleaned and sanitized at least once per year at a minimum.

Kemin's Technical Service Managers and Account Managers are available to address your specific requests or questions regarding handling, application, usage or storage.

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