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Kemin Animal Nutrition & Health 

By 2050, an expanded global population — predicted to reach 9 billion — will consume two-thirds more animal protein than it does today. This is being driven by income growth across the globe.

This growing demand for protein provides opportunities for producers to continuously improve their operations and profitability.

We developed the Total Nutrition™ program to satisfy two basic needs: raising healthy animals that provide superior nutritional benefits and maintaining a profitable business.

Provider and Partner

Kemin does more than to create molecular solutions; we share our expertise in animal health, science, and engineering with customers. We are their partner as well as a provider of solutions and expertise to help them succeed.

As a customer, you can rely on our local technical service teams. They are comprised of respected animal health experts with an array of valuable experience in research and production. Our experts offer insight and knowledge to solve complex production challenges.

Safe Solutions

Safe food starts with the reduction of harmful pathogens in the feed and water provided to animals. Kemin offers a complete line of antioxidants, antimicrobials, and mold inhibitors to help protect your operation from the effects of harmful pathogens.

Healthy Solutions

Kemin provides alternatives to antibiotic treatments for greater consumer acceptability, and improved animal health and growth. Our active microbial probiotics manage gut health in a sustainable manner; our nutritional acidifiers help establish superior absorption, and our encapsulated products slowly release active ingredients in the digestive tract to raise overall health and lower mortality rates pre-market.

Efficient Solutions

The wide variety of Kemin trace minerals, enzymes, and biosurfactants improves the health of animals for more efficient absorption of nutrients, resulting in a reduction of feed necessary to achieve market weight and reaching market weight sooner.

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