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Key Nutrients for Children's Health in a Digital World

Posted December 28, 2023

When it comes to children's health, the choices parents make regarding supplements and nutrition are critical. Children’s supplements experienced significant growth in 2021, expanding by 18.5% compared to the general supplement market's growth of 7.5%.1 This substantial increase underscores the heightened interest in children's health and the desire to ensure kids receive the essential nutrients they might not get from their diets alone.

The foundation of children's health often revolves around basic nutritional needs, such as multivitamins and probiotics. These categories make up a significant portion of the children's supplement market. However, there's a growing trend in condition-specific supplements, with a notable focus on areas like immunity and sleep. Newer developments are emerging in categories like eye and brain health, demonstrating an expanding awareness of the potential in addressing these areas for children's well-being.

Kemin Health, in particular, is excited about the role of lutein in children's health. Rather than treating children as miniature adults, Kemin approaches the subject with a unique perspective informed by scientific research. The goal is to uncover lutein's precise role in promoting children's health. This approach promises exciting developments in the near future, so the industry can anticipate more insights into the integration of lutein into children's health products.

The Role of Lutein

The increase of digital devices in our lives, especially for children, raises relevant questions about the potential effects of excessive screen time.

Digital devices emit blue light, which, when exposed to the eyes, can reach the sensitive photoreceptors in the back of the eye, potentially causing harm. Lutein, a carotenoid naturally found in dark green leafy vegetables, has demonstrated its capacity to protect the eyes against blue light.2

Given that children might not consume enough of these vegetables, supplementing their diets with lutein becomes a logical and practical choice. It offers not only eye protection but also cognitive performance benefits. As digital devices become an integral part of modern life, the need for such protective measures is unlikely to weaken.

In Conclusion, the partnership between science and nutrition in children's health is a dynamic and evolving one. The industry's commitment to identifying and incorporating key nutrients, such as lutein, underscores its dedication to children's well-being. This drive to provide optimal solutions for children's health reflects a promising future filled with innovative and science-backed products.

To stay informed about the latest developments in children's health and the role of lutein, keep an eye on upcoming updates from Kemin Health. As screens continue to be a permanent fixture in our lives, safeguarding our children's health is a priority that demands ongoing attention and innovative solutions.


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