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Posted August 10, 2022

Many people spend hours each day on devices, from scanning their cell phones to see social media updates to watching Netflix at night on their tablets. It is not just adults who are firmly attached to their devices. The same is true for children, especially children who are going to school remotely. Some people, like e-sports participants, may find themselves spending even more time on their devices. All of this time glued to a screen can have unintended health consequences.

What Causes These Health Consequences?

One source of damage, at least for our eyes, comes from the blue light that is emitted from our electronic devices. Electronic devices are not the only source of blue light. In fact, we are exposed to it from sunlight every day. Another common source of blue light exposure is LED lights. But our electronic devices deliver a concentrated punch of blue light. And this blue light can damage our eyes, particularly the lenses of our eyes.

What Are Some of the Potential Health Consequences of Blue Light?

Blue light negatively affects our eyes, and these effects can range from nuisance problems to much more serious consequences. For example, many people may notice that their eyes feel dry, tired, or itchy after they have spent a lot of time in front of their electronic devices. More severe symptoms can include both lens and retinal damage, as well as a dramatic decline in visual acuity. Scientists have concluded that blue light can cause damage on a mitochondrial or DNA level. 

e-Sports and Blue Light

Many people do not recognize that video games have evolved far beyond what they grew up playing and that e-sports are big business on a global scale. Gamers may play a wide range of sports that require mastering different skills. However, one of the constants that separate a good e-sport aficionado from a great gamer is visual acuity, which can include visual processing speed, reaction time, and energy. 

Given how much people may spend to succeed at their favorite e-sport, it should come as no surprise that many of these gamers are also willing to spend on products that may potentially boost their eye health. 

FloraGLO® Lutein: A Natural Boost to Eye Health

Kemin is proud to produce FloraGLO Lutein, a natural antioxidant that is derived from marigold flowers. This extract offers a wide range of benefits for a user’s eye health. The most important benefit is that Lutein, when deposited in the macular pigment layer covering the eye, works to absorb blue light before it can do any damage to the eyes’ sensitive structures. This boost of lutein through FloraGLO is essential because our body does not produce lutein on its own.

At Kemin, we recognize that not everyone wants to take lutein in the same way. That is why we produce FloraGLO in many different forms and specifications, allowing you to package it in the way that is best for your customers.

Neumentix™: Elevate Your Focus and Reaction Performance

FloraGLO is not the only Kemin product that may benefit e-sport athletes. We also produce Neumentix, which has been shown to improve focus and reaction time. Neumentix is a nootropic ingredient that is packed full of polyphenols. Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant that protects the body from a wide range of stressors and can boost both physical and mental health.

Various clinical trails have been conducted on Neumentix, and the results of all of them have been extremely promising, showing significant benefits and little to no side effects. Perhaps the most exciting finding is that Neumentix users saw a 10 percent boost in focus through a 90 day trial. 



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