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Significantly Increase the Frying Life of Oils Naturally with FORTI-FRY

Posted January 27, 2021

With so many oil varieties at hand, fried food remains one of the most popular cooking methods worldwide. Especially now that consumers are better educated, they want healthy and environmentally friendly ingredients. Retailers are therefore looking at their suppliers to make sure they can meet the requirements of their customers. With FORTI-FRYTM, Kemin offers a natural antioxidant solution that extends the frying life of oil by at least 25%.

Deep frying has been known since ancient history and brings about an attractive change of flavour, texture and colour in the food. However, deep frying also leads to undesired chemical and physical changes that affect both the quality of the frying medium and the fried food. Furthermore, frying oil, especially in liquid form, is more sensitive to oxidation.

The colour of frying oil will become more intensive and darker and is highly affected by the type of food being fried. Yet, oil can turn dark quickly, while still having a good oxidative status. On the other hand, chemical parameters such as polar compounds and anisidine value will increase when frying oil becomes rancid.

Protect frying oils in a natural way

“Synthetic antioxidants such as Tertiary Butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) can be used to extend the shelf life of frying oils but are less effective at deep frying conditions. Furthermore, there is a clear trend towards natural solutions. With this trend in mind, Kemin developed FORTI-FRY Liquid, a natural antioxidant consisting of tocopherol rich extract, specialty oils and an innovative emulsifier system to protect the frying life of oil”, said Waut Dooghe, Kemin’s Sr. Research Associate for 17 years and oils & frying expert.



As the health reputation of poly-unsaturated fats has grown, food manufacturers are exploring the opportunity to use fish oil for frying purposes. Unfortunately, the many poly-unsaturated fats in fish oil are highly sensitive to oxidation. The use of an antioxidant can offer a solution.

FORTI-FRY, very effective in vegetable and marine oils

At Kemin, we’ve tested several oil varieties such as salmon or rapeseed oil in order to determine oxidative stability. In all the cases FORTI-FRY has proven to be very effective. At the end of each frying cycle, oil samples were taken for analysis with Near Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy. Parameters being measured to determine deterioration of the frying oil were Dimerised and Polymerised Triglycerides (DPTG) and Total Polar Compounds (TPC).


In 2020, Waut Dooghe presented a poster on his work during the 10th International Symposium on Deep-Frying, including test results of a vegetable and fish oil blend. “Kemin’s FORTI-FRY significantly prolongs the frying life of the oil by preventing undesirable off-flavours and decreasing foaming”, says Waut Dooghe. “The emulsifiers also support a sufficient heat transfer manifested in even browning of the food. The optimal dosage in the vegetable oil and fish oil blend is 0.15 %. With FORTI-FRY, we’ve proven that we could improve both the frying life and the oxidative stability of the frying oil blend.” Read the full story here.


Several tests have proven that overall, with the right dosage, FORTI-FRY extends the frying life of oil by at least 25% and often even more.


Tailor-made solutions with FrySMARTTM

Within the "fats & oils" market segment, Kemin also offers FrySMART™, a tailor-made platform of solutions for bulk oil, frying oil and fried product. “We look at the finished product, what kind of frying oil is used, or the storage conditions of the end product”, says Waut Dooghe. “While FORTI-FRY would always be recommended for the frying oil itself, the finished product might be more effectively stabilised with a solution containing rosemary. It really depends on the customer application and need. Kemin offers FORTIUM® RG20 Liquid which is a synergistic combination of rosemary and gallic acid. It Is a very effective product to extend the shelf life of the fried product Itself".


Frying is a complicated, multi-factor process where the frying oil undergoes a complex series of oxidation reactions. This affects both the quality of fried food and the frying medium. Frying oil oxidation results in an increased foaming.

FORTI-FRY, a natural antioxidant consisting of tocopherol rich extract and specialty oils, significantly prolongs the lifetime of oil by preventing undesirable off-flavours and decreasing foaming.