Relimax™: Palatant for Feed

Importance of Palatants

•Palatants are very important for dairy animals

•Taste & aroma are foundation of feeding behavior

•Palatants are a very useful tool in livestock feeding which stimulates the feeding response by improving feed palatability and acceptability

•Palatants allow more flexibility of raw material usage for feed fomulations


ReliMAX™ is a palatant with a unique combination of cotton seed flavor and sweetener for improved palatability of feed.

Key Features

Amino acid base sweetener

Heat stable

Food grade

100g ReliMAXTM  is equal to 8-10 kg of sugar with longer persistence of sweetness on the tongue.


•Ensures unique Brand identity of the feed

•Enhances feed aroma and palatability

• Stimulates dry matter intake through feed

•Masks bitter/unpalatable tastes associated with feed material

•Ensures uniform palatability through variations in raw material or change in formulation

•Easy to store, handle and mix with the feed

Inclusion rate:

250g -400g per metric ton of feed

Availability: 15 Kg bag