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Enterosure™ Launch Interview

Posted August 15, 2022

Kemin Launches, Resilient Intestinal Health solution, ENTEROSURE™

A Promising Solution to South Asian Poultry Producers for Enhanced Enteric Pathogen Control

Source: Kemin Industries South Asia Pvt Ltd via Benison Media

Maintaining ‘Intestinal Health’ is always a critical need for a poultry producer for better productivity with efficiency, thus it is required to build a resilient ecosystem inside the intestine, which will withstand the overall challenges. Building a resilient intestine is a critical job to be done for our customers. ENTEROSURE™ will help to build a resilient intestine helping the beneficiary for efficient protein production, with enhanced profitability by enhancing control on enteric bacterial pathogens aiming for reduced use of antibiotics

Chennai, India, July 14, 2022, Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer that strives to sustainably transform the quality of life every day for 80 percent of the world with its products and services, has launched ENTEROSURE™, a novel intestinal health feed additive that joins the comprehensive line-up of poultry gut health solutions from Kemin Industries South Asia. ENTEROSURE™ is a novel anti-microbial solution helping users for building resilient intestines, for better performance with enhanced Enteritis & Colibacillosis control, and an additional spectrum of control on Enterobacteriaceae. ENTEROSURE™   minimizes the impact of enteric challenges on poultry performance, enhancing the profitability and efficiency sustainability of poultry producers.

In this customer-centric perspective, Kemin shares insights with Benison Media, to discuss the development of ENTEROSURE™ and how Kemin’s global presence benefitted this process. From Kemin Dr. R. Chanthirasekaran (RC), Regional Technical Director, Dr. Santosh Vyas, Director R&D, Dr. Chandrasekar S, Sr. Marketing Manager, Health Platform, and Dr. Vaibhav Bhamare Product Manager Intestinal Health, Kemin South Asia, Chennai, we also look at the product’s efficacy in addressing common intestinal health challenges in production birds and how this can impact bird performance and the efficiency and profitability of farmer operations.

[Benison Media] What are the current critical challenges faced by South Asia poultry producers?

[RC] Producers all over the world are at different stages in this journey of resolving the issues coming from enteric diseases through different solutions, which are similar for both low antibiotic users and non-antibiotic / alternative users. These users have been searching for relatively better gut health, through AGPs, probiotics, prebiotics, etc and the search is persistent. Also due to the end consumer’s changing demands, there is a continuous drive in the industry to reduce antibiotics to an absolute minimum. In addition, the recent disruptions driving feed costs lead to the use of several additional alternative feed ingredients. These, in turn, overall increase the digestive and pathogenic challenges for our animals and lowered profitability. Thus, there is a critical need for a solution that will do a job for the poultry producer.


[Benison Media] and how do you think those challenges can be resolved with the help of enhancing intestinal resilience?

[RC] To fulfil the health & production demands from the poultry producers along with the elevated intensity of predisposing factors, we need to change the way we address intestinal health challenges, from a curative approach to a preventive approach. By proactively increasing the overall animal’s intestinal resilience, we prepare them to face these challenges while safeguarding animal health, growth, and performance. Our aim at Kemin is to prevent the issues facing the industries we serve, rather than react to them.

We are and have been increasingly focused on addressing intestinal health through product innovation that addresses customers’ critical job to be done. ENTEROSURETM is in similar alignment and will customers’ expectations for better & efficient gut health. It will help to reduce the disparity between expected outcomes, against these challenges.

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