Catalysts for Excellence and Efficiency

Kemin runs on teamwork and collaboration. In no place is that more evident than our Administration department, where employees play a key role in helping others reach their maximum effectiveness.

Logistics, Operations and Supply Professionals

Our administrative assistants are experts in using a wide array of interpersonal and technology skills to organize everything from complex executive schedules to the flow of office supplies. They excel at problem solving and communicating with fellow Kemin team members as well as  customers, vendors and suppliers. They also use the latest office technology to administer various ongoing programs, processes and initiatives. 
Kemin uses their unique talents — to solve problems and master details — in ways that make an invaluable contribution to our business by enabling others to likewise focus their talents in the most productive way. Team members must be exceptionally trustworthy and have the ability to remain calm and strategic under pressure.

Kemin hires administration professionals in the following roles:
•Executive assistants
•Café barista
•Administrative assistant