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Navigating the Trends and Innovations in Gut Health

Posted January 25, 2024

Gut health is continuously evolving with new trends and innovations that drive product development for supplement and functional food and beverage manufacturers.

One of the significant trends has been the rise of probiotics. These beneficial bacteria have established a strong presence in the market, playing a pivotal role in supporting digestive wellness.

Prebiotics soon followed, adding another layer to the gut health spectrum. They are essentially nutrients that serve as nourishment for the probiotic bacteria, fostering a balanced and healthy gut environment.

The newest and perhaps most intriguing trend in gut health is the advent of postbiotics -  beneficial compounds that can be either inanimate microorganisms and/or their components. An increasing body of scientific literature in this domain is fueling a more thorough comprehension of their benefits in promoting gut health.

A novel approach involves combining prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics into a single comprehensive product. This interaction among these three elements presents exciting opportunities for the industry, allowing manufacturers to create innovative and holistic gut health solutions.

Kemin's Gut Health Offerings

BetaVia™ comprises Euglena gracilis algae-sourced beta-glucans, primarily known for their immune health benefits. However, the latest clinical data indicates their potential to enhance gut health as well. These beta-glucans have shown promising results in supporting gastrointestinal comfort and maintaining intestinal barrier integrity.1-5

A new addition to Kemin's gut health portfolio is ButiShield™. Butyric acid has long been associated with gut health, and with the rising demand for efficient delivery systems of short-chain fatty acids, ButiShield employs patented spray freezing technology.6 This method enhances odor control and ensures controlled release throughout the gastrointestinal tract.7 For formulators, ButiShield opens up exciting possibilities to incorporate butyric acid effectively into their gut health products.

In conclusion, the dynamic field of gut health continues to evolve, offering new opportunities for supplement and functional food and beverage manufacturers. By staying updated on the latest trends and collaborating with innovative suppliers like Kemin, formulators can develop groundbreaking gut health solutions that cater to the ever-growing demand for digestive wellness.

For further insights into Kemin's gut health ingredients and how they can contribute to your product formulations, contact a Kemin representative or visit


ButiShield™ - Butyrate for the Intestine and Beyond

BetaVia™: Unlocking Every Body's Natural Defenses

Navigating the Trends and Innovations in Gut Health

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