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What do consumers want in an oral care product?

Posted June 21, 2022

Given the benefits of mouthwashes and dental rinses, it is not surprising that there are a lot of products in the market. A quick trip up and down your grocery store aisles illustrates this but a look at the back of the package shows many of the same ingredients. At Kemin, we believe that there is plenty of room to innovate and improve the products that are available to consumers. 

XCS-11™: A Market Leader 

Kemin recognizes what consumers are looking for in an outstanding oral care product and have introduced their innovative XCS-11 to the market. XCS-11 is an oral care ingredient providing a chlorine-dioxide-based technology, at concentrations of 2 percent in the standard product or 5 percent in XCS-11 Pro. Chlorine dioxide is a well-known molecule that works to neutralizes bad breath while targeting the root cause. Chlorine dioxide is a gas at room temperature and needs to be stabilized to deliver these beneficial effects to exactly where they are needed!

Enhancing Oral Health Without The Unpleasant Side Effects

Our product has been shown to boost oral hygiene and health in a meaningful way. It decreases harmful tarter build-up on teeth and also works to fight against tongue coating. This leaves customers with a fresher taste in their mouth and better breath.

XCS-11 also avoids the unpleasant side effects that some other strong mouthwashes available on the market have. For example, it leaves teeth with their usual white coloring and does not lead to any staining or discoloration. Also, a common consumer complaint is that other mouthwashes have a strong alcoholic taste that can leave a bitter, metallic aftertaste in their mouth or cause a burning sensation on sensitive gum and tongue tissue. XCS-11 does not have these challenges while providing a gentle and effective bad breath solution.

High-quality Ingredients

At Kemin, we recognize that consumers increasingly care about the ingredients they use. Because of this, we have put significant effort into selecting both our active and inactive ingredients. All our ingredients are produced while meeting strict quality standards. At Kemin, we are committed to not just human health but the health and well-being of our entire planet.

Reach Out to Us for More Information

The Kemin team believes that our XCS-11 products are truly innovative in the expanding oral healthcare sector. If you would like more information about the product and how to introduce it to your consumers, reach out to us here. 



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XCS-11™ Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide