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Carotenoid Sustainability: Our Commitment as a Responsible Health Ingredient Manufacturer

Posted March 05, 2024

You expect the highest-quality carotenoids from Kemin Human Nutrition & Health — and we deliver. As an industry-leading supplier of supplement ingredients, we create world-class products that support Eye, Brain, Mood, Sleep and Skin Health.

But a commitment to high-quality ingredients isn’t enough. You also expect natural ingredient suppliers like us to make our products sustainably — reducing our impact on the environment and improving the lives of the people who farm our raw special plants/meticulously selected plants. Kemin delivers that, too. Here’s how.

Sustainability Starts with a Vision

Kemin envisions a sustainable future for our global community. We’re bringing that vision to life by:

  • Sourcing our marigolds responsibly — and providing full transparency in our supply chain.
  • Fostering a culture of well-being, from the people who farm our natural sources to the people who consume the health supplements that contain those ingredients.
  • Actively reducing our environmental footprint with resource-efficient solutions.

Through relentless innovation and collaborative partnerships, Kemin is a nutritional ingredient manufacturer that’s inspiring others to join us in building a better world for future generations!

Planting the Seeds of Sustainability Success

Our commitment to sustainability starts in the soil. Here, seeds are planted that will grow into marigold flowers that produce high-quality natural lutein and zeaxanthin. We work with the farm families who grow these crops so they can follow sustainable agriculture principles — and so they can be fairly compensated for their important work. Kemin prioritizes:

  • Supporting regenerative farming practices.
  • Utilizing space-efficient methods to improve yields.
  •  Providing training and employment opportunities to local families.

We’re Making a Significant Impact on Sustainability

Since 1995, Kemin has committed to an innovative marigold lutein and zeaxanthin breeding program that minimizes acreage use, ensures the viability of this natural resource, and delivers significant sustainability improvements every year. Our journey toward more sustainable practices will never end. So far, it’s delivered these tangible benefits for the farm families we work with — and for the world where we all live:

  • 50% increase in net return to farmers
  • 40% increase in participation by women farmers
  • 31% decrease in water use
  • 20% decrease in fuel use
  • 20% increase in flower yield

We’re Always Writing the Next Chapter in Our Sustainability Story

Kemin is always implementing new sustainability initiatives to drive positive change in our business, in the human nutrition industry and — most importantly — in the world. We invite you to learn more about our latest efforts to increase sustainability in our work!


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