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Sustainably Incorporated in Kemin's New Future Vision

Posted July 19, 2019

“Sustainable”, “green” and “clean”—these terms are tossed around considerably these days, and for good reason. But using words like these alone will not be sufficient to tackle the environmental challenges we are facing. These challenges require precise strategy and commitment to improve the lives of others today while working to help safeguard the health of our planet’s finite resources for generations to come.


Sustainable practices and products have become a priority for governments, business and consumers. As environmental change has come into sharper focus, consumers are learning more about the brands they buy from and are choosing more sustainable products and companies. At Kemin, we are answering this increasing demand by making our products more sustainable and are also extending sustainability through our entire organisation.  


During our global event, Journey to the Vision, at which Kemin unveiled a new logo and vision to guide us to 2042 and beyond, we assessed our progress and set new goals for the future. We looked for ways to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of operation to help us achieve greater social value while providing a long-term framework for innovation. Most importantly, sustainability will allow us to develop solutions that improve lives while preserving the planet’s resources we all share.


As a company built on exacting science and human imagination, we will use our strengths to nourish, protect and innovate. These are the areas where our lenses of people, planet and business intersect. Under these actionable pillars, we discover the direct connection of our products, services and processes to sustainability.


New goals, new philosophy.

We strive to sustainably transform the quality of life every day for 80% of the world with our products and services. This is the vision that will guide us into 2042.

From the products we manufacture to the impact they make, Kemin looks through the lenses to build sustainability goals.

As a financially responsible and ethical business, Healthy Business goals are inherent. But we also foster Healthy People through volunteerism and valuing employee engagement. During Journey to the Vision, more than 600 global employees from over 35 countries had the opportunity to build storage sheds for Habitat for Humanity to provide with homes for families in need, contributing to safe and affordable housing. Kemin’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity is just one example of ways employees engage and contribute to social good. Another example is World Food Programme.  As a World Food Programme (WFP) corporate partner, we work to improve the quality and safety of the WFP supply chain. WFP is one of the world's leading humanitarian agencies fighting hunger worldwide, providing food assistance in emergencies and programs that help communities improve nutrition and build resilience.

Kemin also contributes to a sustainable economy with our plant and bio-based products. Our strength in sustainably grown crops is a big part of our Healthy Planet lens, and we will continue to focus on this area. We are also evaluating our carbon impacts by reducing emissions and waste.

The innovative solutions of Kemin’s food division help our customers in the food industry to reduce food being wasted. By prolonging the shelf life, these food products can stay on sale in the supermarket for longer and the consumer has more time to eat the product. The longer time available for sale and consumption strongly contributes to the reduction of unnecessary waste streams.

Kemin continues to look for more environmentally sound ways to receive our materials, and we are discovering ways to increase our use of renewable energy sources.