Kemin Pet Food & Rendering Technologies Division

Kemin’s commitment to supporting ingredient suppliers, renderers and petfood manufacturers in reaching new heights in stabilisation, palatability and pet food safety is our priority. Over the last few decades, we have aligned our efforts with a multitude of pet food industry leaders to innovate practical and effective solutions that address evolving consumer expectations and meet ever-changing petfood ingredient and formulation needs.

Why partner with the Kemin Pet Food & Rendering Technologies Division?

First and foremost, we thoroughly comprehend and appreciate a myriad of factors—from raw materials to production processes—that can ultimately affect the final petfood diet. It is our mission to leverage this extensive application and product expertise to deliver a full complement of solutions that meet the varying local and global needs of our partners and customers in the petfood industry. Partnering with Kemin means partnering with people who are committed to helping support you in every step of your process.

The Kemin Pet Food and Rendering Technologies Product Portfolio

The extent of our product portfolio sets the Kemin Pet Food & Rendering Technologies Division apart from other players in the petfood industry. To be sure, Kemin offers a full complement of products that address freshness, palatability, nutrition, and food safety. Our product and application expertise is essential to manufacturing petfood ingredients that safe, flavourful and nutritional for our companion animals.


Kemin is the industry leader in pet food antioxidants, having driven the evolution of stabilisation and freshness protection in rendered ingredients and petfood diets. As a trusted pet food antioxidant supplier and ingredient manufacturer, Kemin continues to develop and deliver innovative, natural* antioxidant formulas designed to prolong the shelf life of petfood and meet the evolving expectations pet owners have for their companion animals. In addition to our line of natural antioxidant products, Kemin offers a wide range of synthetic antioxidant formulations that are specially designed to provide maximum protection from oxidation. Whether you require natural or synthetic antioxidants for use in pet food diets, Kemin has the innovative products that can deliver the freshness and protection you need.

Food Safety

Food safety is the most pressing issue in the petfood industry, and Kemin is raising the bar in the food safety scenario by delivering innovative solutions designed to preserve and extend the shelf life of pet food and pet treats. Kemin is proud to partner with petfood manufacturers in managing microbial risk and assuring the highest, safest level of preservation. At Kemin, we take pet food safety very seriously.


The true test of a palatant is whether our companion animals enjoy eating their pet food. A pet food bowl left full is a strong indication that the food was manufactured with low quality palatants. Kemin has developed a full slate of flavour enhancers for pet food products—all of which are made from the highest quality ingredients. Kemin palatants deliver superior flavour and consistent performance to assure cat and dog food consumption.


Protein is a vital component of any petfood diet. Kemin offers the petfood industry’s most diverse selection of spray-dried proteins, including a variety of protein hydrolysates. Protein hydrolysates from Kemin are easily digested, making them ideal for inclusion in pet food diets specially formulated for food sensitivities.

Petfood and Rendering Services from Kemin

Kemin integrates product and application expertise into every step of the petfood ingredient manufacturing process—assuring the performance and quality of every product.

Technical Services

Kemin has a dedicated team of Technical Services Managers who leverage extensive industry experience and problem-solving skills to help keep our customers up and running. The technical services team provides regular updates on recommended product usage, inclusion rates, market information and manufacturing support.

Kemin Customer Laboratory Services (CLS)

The Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) team provides in-depth ISO 17025 accredited lab support to guarantee the efficacy of product solutions throughout all phases of the petfood manufacturing and rendering processes. The CLS team works with you to meet product specifications and achieve your overall business goals.

Kemin Product Application Department (PAD)

Comprised of highly qualified technical experts, the Production Application Department (PAD) collaborates with customers to design, fabricate, install and monitor application systems. The PAD team also provides training and education to assure your performance goals are adequately met.

*Natural here is defined by the 2011 European Pet Food Industry Federation Code of Good Labelling Practice for Pet Food.

**Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographical regions. Product labelling and associated claims may differ based upon local government requirements

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