Your Partner for Pet Food and Rendering Solutions

Kemin is proud to partner with many of the leading renderers, ingredient suppliers and pet food manufacturers to innovate effective solutions that fulfill changing consumer expectations in key categories of the pet food market: antioxidants, food safety, palatants and proteins.

Serving the Pet Food and Rendering Industries

Kemin has been supplying ingredients for pet food since the 1960s. By the mid-1980s, pet food choices were becoming increasingly sophisticated and sales were increasing as markets expanded. This shift required Kemin to reposition its approach to match that of its customers.

Since the 1960s, Kemin has developed and supplied a variety of ingredients used in the pet food market. As the pet food market evolved over the next few decades, with pet food choices becoming more sophisticated and diverse, Kemin changed its approach to meet the evolving needs of pet food manufacturers, ingredient suppliers and renderers.

In 2000, Kemin Industries established a new global business unit- Kemin Nutrisurance, which has become the company’s Pet Food and Rendering Technologies division. We’ve continued to evolve, developing and supporting solutions for every phase of the pet food supply chain. Today, our expansive product portfolio fulfills the local and global needs of our customers, helping them to effectively maintain freshness, deliver flavour and palatability and manage microbial risk.

The Kemin Nutrisurance Vision

Here at Kemin we operate with a unified vision: to provide a complete solutions portfolio, which includes application and product expertise, to help our customers produce safe and nutritious food and treats for companion animals worldwide.

The Kemin Difference

Superior Ingredients: Kemin recognises the many ways that raw materials can impact the final pet food product. We critically evaluate all of our suppliers to ensure our products are made from consistent, high-quality ingredients. Additionally, our robust Raw Material Risk Assessment programme serves to identify and resolve product safety risks.

Quality & Manufacturing Excellence: The Kemin promise is to deliver only safe and efficacious ingredients to our customers. This is achieved by making quality a top priority in every phase of our operation—from raw materials and suppliers, innovative product development and good manufacturing processes, to delivery of the final pet food product.

Innovative Products: At Kemin we have built a reputation on innovation. We strive every day to identify, create and design industry-leading products that fulfill the changing needs of pet food manufacturers and renderers in the areas of stability, safety, palatability, ingredients and formulation.

Technical Services: The Kemin technical services team leverages decades of experience and proven problem-solving skills to help our customers troubleshoot any issue that may arise. In addition, our team provides pertinent information concerning market trends, product performance, efficacy levels, inclusion rates and modern pet food manufacturing processes. Technical Service Managers can also provide education and training to help your team achieve performance goals.

Product Application Department (PAD): The Product Application Department features a team of highly experienced engineers and technical experts who partner with you to design the right liquid or dry application systems for your operation. The PAD team can oversee system fabrication, installation and routine maintenance, and can also deliver education and training to assure your performance goals are met.

Customer Laboratory Services (CLS): The Customer Laboratory Services team delivers analytical support to assure palatability and stability are maintained through every phase of the pet food manufacturing process. Our ISO 17025 accredited labs provide industry-leading throughput and turnaround times, utilising validated methods to meet your precise specifications and business goals.

Our Global Presence

Kemin utilises manufacturing facilities on four continents and a global sales staff to serve customers in more than 100 countries. Working on a global basis gives our regulatory team the ability to ensure that our products comply with local legal requirements in each of the communities that we serve. This allows us to provide expertise at the local level. Wherever your operation is situated, Kemin Pet Food and Rendering Technologies will be there to fulfill your needs.

North America: The Pet Food and Rendering Technologies Division has facilities located in Des Moines, IA, Verona, MO, and Sarcoxie, MO.

Europe: The Pet Food and Rendering Technologies Division has facilities located in Herentals, Belgium and Veronella, Italy.

South America: The Pet Food and Rendering Technologies Division has facilities located in Indaiatuba, Brazil and Vargeão, Brazil.

Asia: The Pet Food and Rendering Technologies Division has facilities located in Zhuhai, China, Gummidipundi, India and Singapore.

*Natural here is defined by the 2011 European Pet Food Industry Federation Code of Good Labelling Practice for Pet Food.

**Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographical regions. Product labelling and associated claims may differ based upon local government requirements.

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