NS-5 Microbial Inoculant

Features and Benefits

NS-5 Microbial Inoculant is a forage inoculant for corn silage, sorghum silage and high moisture corn that contains a source of live naturally occurring microorganisms.

To inhibit major spoilage organisms, NS-5 contains a specially selected strain of concentrated, stabilized and fast acting bacteria Lactobacillus plantarum. NS-5 drives fermentation by producing high levels of lactic acid to quickly lower silage pH. By enhancing fermentation, NS-5 helps increase nutrient availability and improve feed intake for maximum production efficiency. NS-5 also provides longer aerobic stability for enhanced bunk life.

This safe and easy-to-use product has been proven by university and field research conducted on a variety of corn hybrids, harvest and storage conditions.

NutriSAVE® Forage Management System

Between the cost of fertilizer, seed, weed control, tillage and harvest, producing a forage crop is a significant investment. When forage comes out of the field and into storage, turn to the NutriSAVE® Forage Management System to protect your investment.

With the NutriSAVE Forage Management System and good forage management practices, you can preserve the nutritional value of silage and hay when compared to untreated forages. When every cent matters, maximizing forage nutritional value helps with animal performance, health and well-being.


  • Dry granular 25 lb. bag treats 50 tons of silage.
  • Water soluble 500 gram canister treats 500 tons of silage or 250-500 tons of high moisture corn. Six (6) jars per case.



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