KALLSIL Dry - Anti-Caking Aid for Livestock Feed

KALLSIL is a dry anti-caking aid and non-nutritive carrier used for further manufacturing of livestock and poultry feeds. KALLSIL reduces caking, resulting in improved flow in feed and feed ingredients, by absorbing moisture from the feed. This helps prevent feed from hanging to the sides of the bins or feeders.

The use of an anti-caking agent in livestock and poultry feed has been shown to improve the flow of feed and feed ingredients. At the same time, published research has demonstrated mold inhibitors used with many anti-caking agents can reduce the negative impacts associated with mold and mycotoxin contamination in feed.

What are the active ingredients in KALLSIL?

The active ingredients in KALLSIL include a mineral classified as zeolites, with sodium and calcium aluminosilicate components. After processing, blending and packaging, the resulting mixture has demonstrated efficacy in reducing performance losses in livestock and poultry operations. KALLSIL is safe for inclusion into livestock and poultry diets. 

What are the benefits of zeolite?

Zeolite is a hydrated aluminosilicate of alkaline and alkaline earth metal ions, which possesses an infinite, three-dimensional, crystal structure. Its main component is a mineral called clinoptilolite (60-90 percent). Zeolite is characterized by its ability to lose or receive water and change cations without major changes in the structure. Research has demonstrated that the inclusion of clinoptilolite in broiler and swine diets resulted in improved performance in the presence of certain mycotoxins.1



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